The eye of the skink

More photos from yesterday’s session and a rework of one of the B&W shots in glorious Technicolor.

First, a shot of Lily. That’s Lily the Skink, as made famous by the Scaffold.


These long-tailed skinks are normally notoriously skittish but this one seemed unconcerned as I edged ever so slowly closer. Note the tiny ant crawling on the lizard.


Very close to Lily was Tango, the Orange-tailed sprite.

Orange-tailed sprite

Orange-tailed sprite

I had to photograph Tango through a fence to get a decent angle. I would have liked the tail tip a fraction sharper.

I was always a big Beatles fan. So meet the beetle. Very slow shutter speed hence the moving antennae.

Lema coromandeliana

Lema coromandeliana

Everyone likes a butterfly and here’s Helen. Nectaring on the Lantana.

Papilio helenus

Papilio helenus

Steve likes frogs – how about Mr. Grumpy? Would Lottie give Grumpy a kiss, I wonder?

Mr. Grumpy Toad

Mr. Grumpy Toad

And to round things off, I decided yesterday’s B&W version of the rotting wood didn’t work as well as I had hoped. The rich colours add rather than subtract to this in my view.


Time to do some work now. Until next time.

8 thoughts on “The eye of the skink

  1. I used to live next to Roger McGough (or however his name is spelled) or rather his separated wife and their two angelic-looking monsters, Finn and Tom-Tara.

    We had a deli guy in Sydney called Mr Grumpy. Well, we called him Mr Grumpy. Although we occasionally raised a smile out of him.

    Oh, the photos, hell, I am supposed to comment on them instead of harking back to the past at your prompts. I like the frog best, followed by the not pink skink. I would kiss the toad. Or a frog. Anything for my prince to arrive.

  2. I would kiss Mr Toad – I have a very soft spot for him, and Mole but not Ratty! These are all exceptionally beautiful photographs Andrew, really special. I hope you are pleased with them?
    The Orange tailed Nymph is out of this world – you had to take it through a fence?! Genius Man!

    I envy you all this wildlife – Jakarta, well certainly round where the Empress hangs out is rather devoid of fauna. I did see a very beautiful butterfly this morning when I was stuffing myself with a bagel outside a cafe with the Irishman but it was too fast for me and greed prevented me from jumping up and trying to capture it on my phone. In defence, I don’t think the phone would have done a very good job – and I would have hated to lose the filling out of my bagel. So all’s well that ends well and thank goodness we have your stunning pictures to admire and wonder at. 😀

    • Lottie, no butterfly is a match for a well-stuffed bagel. You made the right choice. Someone once said that Greed is Good so it must be true. Your conscience is clear. I don’t think we have moles in HK, more’s the pity or I would try to photograph one for you.

  3. Andrew, these are really good. Wonderful in fact. The colors are so rich. I like the rotting wood as well. Really pretty. I think Lottie might just pass on this frog. It seems to have a wart problem. But as the saying goes, love a person, warts and all. I’ m sure this one has lots of warty friends.

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