Bugs etc

Not quite as active at LNEC today – we lacked some morning sunshine but there was enough to keep me happy for a few hours. Most of these creatures are common enough but still worth a frame or two. I need to check the ID of these two. Both were simply resting on tree trunks and not easy to see. The first one looks rather scruffy, as if it had been in a trap.


Idaea chotaria (below)

LNEC2This was a little harder to photograph on the underside of a leaf maybe 18″ off the ground. This is Bothrogonia ferruginea if my memory serves me correctly.

Bothrogonia ferruginea

Bothrogonia ferruginea

I also took some non-bug shots starting with Paulownia fortunei




But I couldn’t pass up a chance to take Ant’s picture. But where was Dec? Actually this is a weaver ant on the defence.

Oecophylla smaragdina

Oecophylla smaragdina

And finally to prove the SX50 can do moving subjects – a bee in flight.



17 thoughts on “Bugs etc

  1. I know that we’ve had the ‘super, smashing, great ‘ PMP earlier this week – but clearly these also deserve the same Jim-ism

    Bothrogonia ferruginea is going to be my pin up girl of the day. I particularly like the lime green towel that she’s sunning herself on.

    Let’s face it folks, is Andrew actually capable of taking a bad photograph? I don’t think so – they are always bloomin’ super, smashin’ great! 😀

    • Ah Lottie, if only you knew how many times I hit the delete button and how many images never make the light of the internet. I sometimes think I might do a whole lot better just using a point and shoot but then I’d lose all the fun.I shall have to scale the gear back a bit when the temperatures get over 30C. Last year I was carrying my pack in temperatures of 34C and it nearly did for me. I need a punkah walla to accompany me, I think.

      • You most definitely need a punkah walla!

        It was 36 here yesterday or was it the day before… very warm and very humid. I used to walk to the shop about 20 minutes away to buy the groceries but carrying all the bags back in this heat made the Empress look so unsightly, so unregal dripping in sweat and red-faced. She now takes an A/C’d punka-taxi there and back – no wonder the Empress needs new (much larger clothes!)

        Despite you being hot on the delete button, you still manage to produce an incredible amount of excellent pictures. I was looking at those ones that I shared on Facebook again and some of them are just extraordinary. Do you sell them?

      • I don’t sell them Lottie. Sometimes I get asked if people can use them and usually if it is not for commercial usage I say yes. I think I have a long way to go before I can think about selling.

    • Thank you kind lady. B) is indeed a Water lily. A) is one I have to look up but as you have suggested a lily, that is where I shall start. I am still stuck on insect number 1 at the moment. Very frustrating. Like being stumped by the crossword. Clue: Postman loses mail. How many letters? All of them. Boom boom.

      • A seems to be flowerhead according to your file name. The stain on the inside of the petals would also suggest lily to me too. But what do I know? It’s not jasmine so I’ll shut up. [Inserts gloat about rampant jasmine]

        My crossword skills are not good these days. I used to spend hours studying them for my degree essays in the evening.

      • At huge personal inconvenience I have identified the flower as Pawlownia fortunei, the Foxglove tree. It just shows what some time with your reference books can turn up.

      • Indeed. It’s so long since I have seen foxgloves (used to have masses in my childhood garden) that I had totally forgotten about them, but yes, it does look more foxglove than lily now you have revealed the answer.

        I apologise oh so ‘umbly for being the cause of your inconvenience, but we are both so much the wiser for it are we not?

  2. I agree with Lottie that Bothy is delightful and demonstrates the length you will go to get your shot.
    But, although I do take pleasure in all things buggy, I am more of a flower guy so the unamed beauty is my pick of the litter and it is a very well done image to boot…..as are they all.
    It will be nowhere near your tropical temperatures here but we are making some seasonal progress. Lots of melting and I hope to find some signs of renewed life this weekend.

    • Thanks Steve. Bothy is not quite tack sharp and I suspect this is because I was looking upside down / from below at Live View and it was one of those rare occasions when I really wanted an angled viewfinder. I also toned it down a bit as I think I had added unrealistic vibrance. The flower is as it was – just lying there – I have another one from the cotton tree but I’m not sure it passes the grade. I have been playing with processing some of these with Alien Exposure 4 – the film simulation software – and I tend to use Kodachrome 25 (sharp). The colours are strong but the film look loses some of the sharpness of the file straight from the camera – Its really only visible at 100% but it is quite clear (or indeed unclear!). I have a couple of other shots that I may post on FB but not here. I’m still working out the tolerances I can work to in the extension tubes versus DoF equation. Learning every day 🙂 But never quite ready to sit the exam. 😦

      • Gear and software definitely have a learning curve. I am sure you will master both toot sweet Andrew.
        I like the idea of K25 which was my film of choice.
        Most of our still life subjects are by definition “just lying there”. :-). But your eye gives it that pleasing Andrew look that we all enjoy.

    • No alligators in Hong Kong I’m afraid, Phil. Not wild ones anyway. I think we may have a captive croc tucked away somewhere. And probably lots of croc skin handbags 😦

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