Macanese motorbike rider

I bravely stood in the middle of the street to photograph this scene as Evil Macau-Knievel hurtled towards me at an eye-popping 20kph (estimated max.). “Get out of the way” screamed Mrs. Ha, fearful of loss of life. But he didn’t listen.

Macau Bikin'

Macau Bikin’

Another play with Color Efex Pro 4; Pro Contrast filter.

14 thoughts on “Macanese motorbike rider

  1. Andrew you and Steve are hilarious and Rod too. I believe that all you had to do was take a few steps back and the cyclist breezed right past. Where I live there were 3 different motorcycle accidents all with about two weeks. Each guy was killed. They were not wearing helmets. I see these dummies all over town who are not wearing a helmet. It must be a macho thing.

    • Oh Yvonne! Now people will realise that I was not as heroic as I tried to portray. You are right. I took a few steps to the side – with plenty of time – and he just breezed past without concern. It was a very quiet street. I was never allowed to have a motorbike when I was a youngster and I didn’t learn to drive until my early 20s. I lost a friend in a car accident when he was 18 and it put me off. Not his fault but he was killed outright. Once I had a car motorbikes no longer appealed. I would never dream of riding without a helmet.

      • It’s too bad that your friend was killed in MVA (motor vehicle accident). Americans like to abbreviate. I had a cousin killed at age 16 on his bike in this tiny little town where I went to school. I never did know who was at fault. Extremely sad. That was back in the 50’s I think. That was before the helmet law had was enacted.

        You are right about the helmets. It used to be a law that was axed under Perry. (our gov,) Everybody had to wear a helmet. I wish the law had never been rewritten.

  2. Are you happy with the function of Pro Contrast? It seems to have rendered this image very well. Great exposure control in this.
    I imagine you would have pulled yourself up and stood there as the ambulance approached and got that shot too.:-)

    • Yes Steve, happy with pro contrast. The biggest challenge was perspective and I did a small adjustment in camera profile – manual. The ambulance is behind me!

  3. You must have nerves of steel – or attention deficit – wonderful shot – well worth the act of bravery. I notice medial help was close at hand.

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