Pick up a Pppp-prinia?

There was a thinly veiled request yesterday for a penguin. I don’t do requests. Its too stressful.

So here instead, to restore some some semblance of wildlife cred’ is a Prinia. A rather Plain Prinia, but a prinia nonetheless.

Prinia inornata

Prinia inornata

Plain but beautiful. But I did have a quick look at the holiday snaps and thought this might be a candidate. There are a couple of penguins lurking in the background. The hero is the Tenor Seal, reaching for that Top ‘C’ (or is it ‘Sea’?) – he’s been listening to too much Pavarotti.

The Tenor Seal

The Tenor Seal

And finally, just to prove I am not too churlish, here is a solo penguin.

The Long March

The Long March

I hope that keeps the customer satisfied.


21 thoughts on “Pick up a Pppp-prinia?

  1. Roughy, Roughly, Ruffy Tuffy, or even Ruff Ruff, who cares? Not me. Another one called me plain Rough. I did point out that other people might take offence at that, but she figured I wouldn’t. Andrew, I would suggest you amend your literal error as pop makes no sense at all, and is in fact a reference to fizzy drinks, which I understand are/is called soda in America and refrescos in Spain.

    • Ah. Good spot. Amended with thanks. Mention Tizer to Partner as that’s what we used to get in the valleys. Corona over the border in England, but in The Brad it was always Tizer. I would never dream of calling you Rough. Much too dangerous.

      • Well it just didn’t make sense ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t need to mention Tizer to P (the partner not the penguin), as we had it where I was too. I don’t think he did have it actually. I also drank the funny orange thing called Jusoda I think? Put a Tizer in your tank now comes to mind. I thought Corona was beer with lime.

        I can live with rough. I would certainly never bother to type out the whole thing, and only ever refer to roughseas. As with clouds, not cloudsmoving in. Or everypic not everypicturetellsone. Etc. However, should you wish, I can of course, forward you a list of names I do and do not wish to be called ๐Ÿ™‚ Naturally anything remotely approaching the male default is on the no list. With which I shall try and complete my politically incorrect post.

      • No no no, it was “Put a tiger in your tank”. Esso. Corona was indeed a pop and may still be for all I know but you are correct that it is also a beer of sorts, possibly of Mexican origin, not sure. I did not realise Tizer was so wide spread. I thought it was quite local but they we are. I wonder if it can still be bought. Don’t trouble yourself with the list as I am much more interested in the politically incorrect post, in which I suspect I shall feature as a principal offender. (Puffs out chest with pride). I am a recidivist and proud of it.

  2. Well, now with all of the lovely comments I’m not sure there is much for me to add here. But “Roughy” had me laughing- well actually giggling. She is a gifted writer for sure and funny too. For some odd reason I must give her a name. I hope that she does not mind. I like her because she is big on rescue (dogs). But my train (thoughts) jumped the rails, as usual.

    Back to the bird photos. I think, yea I can still think, as of today, that the (P) bird is something akin to your fellow [photographer (JH) whose bird photography you admire. The photo of Mr/Ms (P). is excellent and I”ll need to add that one to my favorites over Flickr way.

    And the lone penguin grabs my heart. In all that desolation he/she is on a mission to find the gang, maybe.

    • Always good to make people smile. So if my comments made you laugh/giggle all the better. Oddly, another American blog friend wanted to give me a name, we agreed on one that was different to ‘roughseas’ that had a connection for both of us. Feel free to call me what you want. Within reason.

      Yes, I am big on rescue dogs, especially big rescue dogs because they are harder to home, hence our current dog being on the streets for months before he found us (no idea why we hadn’t seen him before). Anyway, he’s been with us for nine years now.

      Sorry for butting in A. Just thought I would reply to Yvonne, as you do when you are browsing and grazing around. Unlike poor PPPpenguin on his ownio in the snow. At some point, you may wish to point out to non-UK readers that ppp is a reference to a biscuit advert. But I guess that would be too obvious. I liked it though. I can still sing it now, although not to Top C level.

      • Hey, I appreciate the interaction and I am almost 99% certain that Andrew is happy to see his readers and fans engaging with each other. It simply makes for a better blog in my little ole humble opinion.

        And thanks for writing about the meaning of ppp.I had no idea it stands for a biscuit which over my way we call a cookie. I hope I have that correct.

      • At this point I would like to point out to non-UK readers that ppp is a reference to a biscuit advert.

        I have no objection to third parties engaging in comments on All Downhill. On the contrary.

        I think Roughly is a good name for you. I shall adopt it forthwith. Well done, Yvonne.Much easier than RSITM or the full caboodle.

  3. The Prinia is beautiful. Such clear detail. And the warming effect make it like something from an old book of paintings of birds. Lovely.

  4. Haha. Was it thinly veiled? I thought it was blatant and in your face. Don’t think I have ever worn a veil in my life.

    Pppppp- prinia is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a painting. Perhaps you forgot to give the details of the pppost-ppprocessing and maybe you applied the watercolour effect (or whatever it is called). But seriously, it looks like a beautiful pppprint.

    I am totally captivated by that gorgeous tail and the detail. Uf, I need to lie down after trying to talk ppppphotospeak.

    Tenor seal is lovely and rather steals the biscuit show. I had problems with my top As. I got there. Eventually. Such poise and balance – TS not me.

    Aww, pobrecito solo penguin. Where are his/her mates? What an evocative image.

    The customer may well return for more.

    • Ah! I have you hooked on post processing now. The next step is to get you shooting in RAW, discarding your lowly jpegs. The Pppprinia is a little too rosy to be honest thanks to Mr. Kodak but it makes for a lovely picture.

      I know not why the penguin set out on a lonely trek. Perhaps he is Jonny No Mates.

      Your comments are much appreciated. Do call again.

      • Don’t be silly. I am not hooked on PP at all. Just wondered how you got such a beautiful effect with the little Prinia. And wondered what the original looked like that. Because I don’t think that was unfiddled with ๐Ÿ˜€

        Will my simple digi do RAW? I doubt it. I need simple snaps not works of art. I leave that to you.

        You should have asked Jonny. Perhaps he was going to the shops.

        The customer service has been appreciated today. I may indeed.

      • Depends how simple it is. Very small older point and shoots usually won’t do RAW but many of the newer models are introducing it. The Canon G series does, my Lumix does and I’m sure Nikon do similar models. Have a look I the menu under Quality or sth like that. Some even allow you to shoot RAW & jpeg simultaneously. Snaps are fine. RAW allows you to unleash your creativity or correct the bad decisions the camera may make because it doesn’t know what you want. As always, there are trade offs. You pays your money and makes your choice.

  5. I too appreciate penguins…but the Prinia takes a back perch to no one. Wonderful image. The tenor seal does seem to be belting out quite a powerful aria and I feel the same as Lottie, minus the maternality, about the single pengie in the vast landscape. One does not see too many shots like that one…they are so gregarious that a lone speck of a penguin is unexpected.

  6. The plain, girl-next-door sort of bird is a Beaut – a brilliant photograph. I do love the Pavarotti wannabe but my favourite has to be the loneliness of the long-distance runner at the end. There’s something pretty special about that tiny black speck amongst all the white. I’m not going to lie to you, it makes me feel all maternal and protective. There! I’ve said it…..

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