Start ’em young

That’s what the Korean father did with his son. And a very fine job he did too.

Young Blood

Young Blood

And in the interests of blogging harmony, for Roughly, here is the sister at work.

Camera girl

Camera girl



11 thoughts on “Start ’em young

  1. Very nice Andrew.

    I used to be the master of the Agfa Clack back around 1955 or so. It was my second camera which I bought from money saved delivering flowers to Embassies at The Hague. I had it for years and remember I had to send colour film to Melbourne for processing. Sydney at that time did not do colour, amazing!

    • Gerard, I don’t quite go back to 55 but by 65 I certainly had a Brownie Cresta 3. Film was sent away by post and came back a week later. I was lucky that my father was an enthusiastic and very competent hobby photographer. He taught me to process B&W films. How times have changed.

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