More archive images

You may wonder why I am posting old images when there should be plenty new to photograph now. Well the weather forecast is for yet another day of rain although I admit it is dry at present. The wind is blowing though and that makes macro work extremely difficult. Furthermore I have tweaked my back slightly so a rest is as good as a change.

These images are happy memories of our trip to Jeju last year.





Although we travelled a little we found plenty of good places near to the Shilla Hotel. The grounds themselves were beautiful and included a coastal path. Nearby was a botanical garden and opposite was another garden with spectacular views, bridges and waterfalls. All within walking distance.

Hawaii it may not be but it is still worth a visit and we plan a return in June this year.



30 thoughts on “More archive images

  1. The flowers are beautiful. But the B & W photos are fantastic. The stairs and a part of the building to include as subject makes for a striking photo. I also like the trees very much. Excellent work here, Andrew, I hope your back is out of whack for just a short time. Been there and done that as well. Needed chiropractic sp? adjustments for years. No longer need them since I stopped digging and planting things.

  2. Cloud-cover light is just ideal for so many photo genres, and yet most people tend to privilege harsh, contrasty midday mediterranean sunlight, the fools! πŸ™‚

    A peaceful, refreshing set.

    • Bit unfair Alessandro. We can’t all aspire to the photographic expertise of you or Andrew.

      And for people who come from the gloomy climes of the UK, bright blue skies and glorious sun is such a novelty.

      Having said that, it bores me hugely. Whether in photographs or just being outside. I took a few Levanter photos over the Rock recently because I find it entrancing. The soft subtle light, the atmosphere (as with Andrew’s photo of the village) just draw me in.

      It is raining right now, but no time, for photos, as duty calls, and I must off like a perfect wife to sew up some hems on my partner’s overalls.

      Nice brick in the wall Andrew.

      • Thank you Roughly. I’m glad you liked (just another) brick in the wall. It has taken me almost a year to process it. I looked at it several times and passed it over. Then I tried b&w and it seemed to work. Soft light is beautiful but Alessandro works wonders with shadows, just like a Double Diamond. There is light for every occasion.

      • I think you need to add a page to explain what may appear to be cryptic comments to others although, as we all/both know, are merely musical or advertising references. And you need to add TinTin too, as that one threw me. I’d forgotten DD but now you have me singing it. Next you will be writing that Guinness is good for you …

      • Perhaps I should do a glossary of 1960s/1970s advertising jingles. I need to work in “Its Tankard that helps you excel, After one you do anything well”. Its an age thing I’m sure. I am feeling rather maudlin at the moment. Going through a ‘mortality moment’.

      • Or maybe it is in less than half the time? I’m rubbish on words and The Hunter Gatherer is out Hunter Gathering so I can’t ask him, but he always gets it right,

  3. One of the nice things about a wander through the archives is the opportunity to apply new skills to old favorites and especially to the ones with the little problem you didn’t quite master but are now able. As you know, I’ve been living in my past lately as Spring approaches in New England. πŸ™‚

    I love the brick staircase and the colorful field bouquet.

  4. Steve, Miles Monroe is one thing, Marilyn on the other hand is another πŸ˜€
    Hope your back stops giving you gyp soon, not fun. Loved the combo of colour and b&w today.
    The wall is great and the colours in the meadow are perfect.

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