It will be nice when it is finished……


One of the great sights of the world – in Rome of course. Still under construction it seems, no curtains. Taken on a very bright, sun-kissed day in June. We braved the legions of Roman gladiators and jumped the queue with our pre-booked tickets. I give you The Colosseum.   Coliseum-2-Technidol




There are a few other sights in Rome though.

Here we tried to count the coins in the fountain. I could see more than three so gave up.



And at the end of the day walking the streets of Rome, well you just have to get on your lounger and have a rest.



I’m off to do my back exercises otherwise I shall be less mobile than the chap above. TTFN.

9 thoughts on “It will be nice when it is finished……

  1. I have a confession – I’ve hit the ‘LIKE’ button even though I haven’t got a clue what it is that I’m meant to be liking! I’ve waited 10 minutes for your very likeable photographs to download and still all I can see is the captions. However, based on the captions and your running commentary, plus the positive comments from others I feel confident that the LIKE that the Empress is awarding you is perfectly justified. I couldn’t even get AV’s blog to download so at least I can sort of see yours! 😀

  2. Sheesh, you must have been here a long, long time ago. You should see the Colosseum now that it’s finished: Lovely natural wood frames, double-glazing, airy curtains. And, an indoor arena to boot 😉

  3. Ah Roma – I’m not sure whether posts about Italy should be permitted… my back’s giving me a bit of gip last couple of days – tried a bit of swimming (not too bad so it’s probably muscular). Any pointers?

    • I’m using Treat Your Own Back by Robin McKenzie. Got it from a physio about 20 years ago. Lots of really good stretching exercises. I think the idea is to stretch to prevent back pain but this gives detailed explanations on treatment too. Swimming should be good therapy I guess. I hope you are fit again soon.

  4. Rome was covered in scaffolding when I went. As was the Parthenon when I went to Greece. It wasn’t the most successful exped for a classical history grad. We didn’t get inside the Col. Trajan’s column had more drapes and coverings on than you could poke a scaffold pole at. I was annoyed about that. I had spent hours, days and weeks studying Trajan’s column and would really have liked to have seen the real thing uncovered. I don’t suppose you have a pic of that do you? [Request time again].

    I like the colour one. You must have fiddled with it. It has an unreal air about it.

    Like Y, I like the lounging lizard. Although he does look as though he might be about to topple over. Do hope you don’t with your bad back. I used to have (still do get) sciatica from time to time. Improved remarkably when I gave up work however.

    • No Trajan’s column I’m afraid. The colour one has not really been fiddled with. Unless of course you consider adjusting the perspective to get rid of most if the convergence that arises using a wide angle lens at close quarters. And I may have run it through the K25 simulating software. That’s about it. Nothing fancy. It’s all down to the light. You can’t make a silk purse etc. Venice had rather too much scaffolding for my liking. I think it’s an age thing.

  5. More imagery goodness, Andrew. The construction crew seems a bit slow….must take long lunches.

    Don’t overdo the exercises…a slow start is always a good tack. Go limber. 🙂

  6. Excellent pics. I feel as though I have been on a guided tour. Marvelous captions/narratives for each pic. Always entertaining. The lounging man takes the prize.

    Sure hope that your back will be okay in a short while. Been there and done that for quite a few years.

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