Buzzard in Black & White

A nice suggestion from Stephen Hipperson to try the Buzzard from my previous posting in B&W – so here it is.BuzzardBWAnd as my back struggles on my day to day gear is gathering dust.Photo-gearNote the 800mm F5.6 with camo cover, the newly serviced 100-400 zoom, the 70-200 F4 and 5 camera bags. Some people can never have enough handbags (attributed by me to Edina Monsoon and Margaret Thatcher) and a photographer can never have enough camera bags. (Roughly, in the interests of blogging harmony please note, both are gender neutral). The front 2 are the preferred choices currently and contain macro lenses, flash guns, cable release, extenders, extension tubes, dust blowers, lens wipes, diffusers, waterproof jacket (for camera not me) and a few other essentials that no self-respecting ‘tog would leave home without. Top left you see a rather odd grey cloth thing. When we flew to Ushuaia via Doha and Buenos Aires we were given lots of useful things like sleeper suits, wash-bags etc and whilst I invariably threw the contents away I kept the little cloth bags for putting camera things in – batteries mainly but also the odd charger. Jolly useful I thought and a great marketing gimmick by the Qatar Airways.

I think if Eeyore were around today he would put camera things in little grey bags, not burst balloons in honeypots. Perhaps I shall try to update A.A.’s stories sometime. I’m sure Christopher Robin would be a Nikon guy and Eeyore, as he is so miserable, would surely be a Canon user like me, ever more depressed about service quality. Piglet would use a Japanese micro 4/3 of some description, Tigger would have a Go-Pro strapped to his head and Owl would be a Hasselblad man or possibly a Leica. I can see this idea has legs. I wonder if I should copyright it now? Winnie the Poohlaroid I shall call it.

21 thoughts on “Buzzard in Black & White

  1. That buzzard works great in B&W! Good decision to try that.
    I shoot Canon as well but if anything I’m trying to do more by carrying less these days.

  2. The buzz-ard looks dramatic (if that’s possible in B & W). I see that you answered my little ole piddly question with a display of an entire camera store. πŸ™‚ That’s what happens when you really get into cameras. πŸ™‚ Please take a tip from Phil and try using just one lens. But of course this little old lady can not resist one more suggestion.or two. πŸ™‚ Get Mrs Ha interested in photography. And could you get to your sites with a small cart that you could pull behind that is filled with all of your camera gear? Rubber tires on a cart that rolls easily unless you are going through areas filled with brush and thorns and of course that sort of tire would be of no help and a cart impractical if the terrain is rough.

    • Shirley has a very good eye for a photo, Yvonne. Probably better than mine. But she only takes photos occasionally. And she won’t use anything heavy. There is one site where I can drive and park next to the birds. It needs good light and a low tide but can be very good. I have considered a cart but pride gets in the way. I would feel I was giving in to the passing years. But I know people who use them. Maybe next year.

      • Gee Andrew, using a cart for all that equipment/gear or whatever you prefer to call your cameras and lenses, has nothing to do with getting old. I call it using your head. What has using a cart got to do with age? I think if you are going to PRESERVE your back then please use the cart. Who in the
        h— cares if you use a cart? Your back may need some pampering. Believe me when I say that you do not ever want to need spinal surgery.I came very close to ruining my back and I stopped lifting heavy things in my fifties. I seldom use a spade to dig in the garden.So consider this old person’s advice.

  3. I’m laughing so much about your analogy of AA Milne and cameras that I’ve practically slipped a disc! What is it about April and rotten spines? If I’m to believe what you say then I’m very definitely an Eeyore with a smattering of Owl. I wish I was a Tigger – Irishman is a Tigger, bouncy bouncy bouncy but then he doesn’t suffer our back problems, despite being several years senior, dammit!

    The Buzzard is wondrous – Fantastic photograph Andrew. Here’s hoping to you being bouncy, bouncy soon πŸ˜€

    • Ah Lottie, you are the only person to enjoy the AA Milne theme, it seems. Sometimes I wonder if my mind is just too out of synch with the real world. I am a big Pooh fan. That and Wind in the Willows, Swallows and Amazons………… I shall regress into childhood soon. I will be much happier there. The grown-up world does not impress me.

  4. Grown-up life does suck, A Lot. Which is possibly why, most evenings I read out-loud in bed to Irishman the tales of Winnie the Poo and Wind In The Willows. Regressing back to childhood seems to be a salve, a balm for our souls and something that we both enjoy. Chapters are read and re-read – such is our love for these characters. When I was smitten (albeit quite briefly) on being a psychotherapist, one of my set books was called ‘Counselling for Toads’ by Roger de Board – do check it out if you have a moment. It’s hugely entertaining and very pertinent

    • OK. I just bought Counselling for Toads on Kindle. I shall report back. But it will probably be after I have read the Raffles book. You know you can get “Winnie ille pu” – the classic in Latin? My late brother had that on his bookshelf but he may have just been posing! Although he did have A level Latin.

      • And Yvonne too. Part of the problem is taking a cart or buggy along boardwalks – it is very difficult. Maybe I should retire from bird photography.

      • Oops. Sorry Yvonne. Guilty of not reading all the comments. I just saw Alessandro’s above mine.

        Are the boardwalks evenly boarded and close or with lots of gaps? Some carts have very large wheels. I have thought about one and have been told the Rolly is good even in the woods but I am skeptical. Sometimes I can’t even make it over the logs and rocks. Maybe we older photographers need to renew the concept of apprenticeship.

      • The main boardwalk is actually a floating one – just planks of wood on oil drums – with hand rails. Grounded at low tide but you can get sea sick at high tide! Its all part of the adventure.

  5. I had to look up Edina Monsoon! Who? I thought. Not sure I was ever aware she had a surname. I don’t have a Saunders story. I do have a Lumley one. It is not for publication sadly.

    In terms of handbags, I do think you could have included poor Important E(a)rnest in that list. He may not have had lots but it was rather significant in his life.

    I don’t like handbags. In fact the one I had stolen in Spain was a camera bag. Far more practical with all those useful little spaces and holes to slot something into.

    Your camera info is above my head. I have been fiddling with my little shooter though (not at fish of course). How interesting to get different colours and focusing when not using automatic. No idea how to do the RAW images though. Still, have camera, can learn, in-between other tasks.

    Were there any female characters in WTP? I don’t remember. Swallows and Amazons of course had the redoubtable Titty (amazing name, on a par with Seaman Staines and Captain Pugwash and Master Bates), and as for Toad, wonderful character – totally ahead of his time.

    I too think the grown-up world is sad. But I would really have liked to have been born in an earlier period, whereupon I wouldn’t have survived the tonsilectomy or the appendectomy as both went wrong. I fear we are all suffering from old age and we aren’t even there yet. Isn’t 50 something the new 30 something?

    • About to dash out but just wanted to remind you about Roger the cabin boy. I have never owned a handbag. A friend has a Prada “man bag”. I shudder.

      • I forgot dear Roger. I do love the articles/theories that state these were all totally coincidental names. Funny though. I didn’t think you had a dash in you right now? Does that mean your back has improved.

        My cousin’s husband (lived in Brazil) was a bagman 30 or 40 years ago. My father was embarrassed to be seen with him in public.

        He was nice ie Brian of the manbag. He bought into racehorses and a brothel and ran off with one of the employees (prostitute not a horse).

        I must away too, to my wifely duties to sew up the overall hems that I sadly turned up on the outside the other day.

  6. I really like the buzzard in black and white, and personally could almost see taking it a bit further, towards a high-key presentation. The shape lends itself very well to that–classic raptor “pose.”

    So sorry to hear you’re not well–back issues can be problematic and very uncomfortable.

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