Its the buzz

NO RAIN! But my back is not well enough to allow me to carry any heavy gear so once again these are all old shots. The 3 images were taken about 2 years ago from this house where I am now. This is an Eastern (Common) Buzzard.



Common buzzard2I am getting very frustrated by the weather and now my back. I may have to venture out with a small point and shoot and see what is to be found.

Happy Monday.


9 thoughts on “Its the buzz

  1. I really like the buzzard. He looks nothing like the ugly ones we have here. Very nice shots. These are all good. Can’t you just take one Nikon or Canon digital camera with a zoom lens? My Canon is not that heavy but of course my lens only goes to 200mm and I can not get a decent bird shot with this paraphernalia.

  2. These are very nice images. I too have back problems and so just bought a point and shoot so that I can carry the camera anytime. I’ll save the heavy gear for good days and for specific shooting themes. I hope your back get’s better soon. As for weather, our winter just will not end. There is talk of above 0c temps later this week.

  3. Fabulous shots.
    Beautiful birds to watch, It wasn’t that long ago to see a buzzard I’d have to venture into the depths of the countryside. Nowadays we have them flying above the house 🙂

    • Buzzards used to be mainly in the west of England and Wales but when I lived in Bishops Stortford they were already wandering that far East. The biggest kick I get is seeing red kites in England. I rarely visit Britain these days but they were a great sight above the motorways. I’m happy that they have found your house!

      • Living in Worcestershire, I’m not too far from the Welsh borders, which probably explains the abundance of them. Sometimes four or five at a time.
        We’ve watched aerial battles with the resident crows from the oak tree in the garden.
        I’m not that hot on birds, but I’m convinced I saw a red Kite in Harrogate last week.

      • I know Worcester reasonably well as I grew up in Hereford. The Three Choirs was always a big event as my late brother was a chorister at Hereford Cathedral in the 60s. Nice part of the world. I still have a cousin living in Worcester.

  4. I think one of the beauties of working digitally is the ease with which we can revisit images with little trouble. Indeed, this can be a worthwhile exercise as our post-shot skills will have undoubtedly improved since we took them. A re-interpretation is often worthwhile – and a useful distraction if we can’t get out because of various circumstances.
    Have you considered dropping any of these to a contrasty black and white – especially the middle one, which nicely shows the patterning of the wings.
    When I first moved (20 years ago) to where I live now – in the middle of Yorkshire, I rarely saw a Buzzard, but nowadays I see them almost every day – usually soaring above, being mobbed by crows/rooks, ( I was watching a pair only yesterday). As to Red Kite, I usually seem them everyday, thanks to a re-introduction programme at Harewood, a few miles from where I live.

  5. Cool flight shots!
    You should try going out with just a P&S and look for different viewpoints. I did that a while back with an 11 year old Canon A10 which is a 1.3MP camera with virtually no manual settings just for laughs and to force myself to look for something that this camera could hopefully do well with.
    Try it, it can be fun!

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