The IT Men from the East

Sometimes, not often, maybe just most days, I feel the urge. I really, really wan’t to hurl my laptop out of the window. When it is closed. The window that is. Today has been such a day. The wifi network decided to give me problems. Not on all of the computers just the one I needed to use for work. At 4pm. As it was the work laptop I duly threw a paddy. “You can have the blinking thing back” I shouted.

And so it came to pass that Saint Ben the CEO despatched two wise men to Sai Kung to see what on earth was wrong. These guys came from IT (Kwun Tong actually) bearing gifts of LAN cables and hammers.

And the first wise man spent 20 minutes doing exactly what I had been doing for several hours. Pressing buttons, changing settings and cursing. Then the second wise man asked: how many pieces of equipment are you using on this router? And I said “not many”. He persisted: “How many is not many?”

OK……… 2 MacBooks, 1 desktop, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, 1 Galaxy Note 10.1, a Lenovo laptop…….oh and the bank’s pc too.

The wise men looked at one another and gasped. “Not necessarily all at the same time” I pointed out. And so the second wise man started shutting a few things down and switched off the router. “When did you last reboot the router?” he asked. I look puzzled. “Reboot? Reboot? Why would I do that? It buggers up the CCTV system. Oh! Did I forget to mention the CCTV system?

And so the wise men looked heavenwards and a miracle came to pass. The “must have by 4pm bank pc” worked. They could leave the stable of Mr. & Mrs. Ha and return whence they came. But then the heavens were rent asunder and the taxi man said not on your nellie. So as a penance for connecting all my offerings to one router I drove the two wise men to the MTR station. For there was no room at the inn.

And in despair I turned my eyes to the blessed Lightroom and produced not two wise men but two colour images. Nothing like a miracle. But its all you’re going to get. Here endeth the lesson.



And just for the record the Third Wise man was the really smart one. He stayed in the office.

9 thoughts on “The IT Men from the East

  1. Great read Andrew. I get such pleasure reading about other people having problems, getting frustrated, and inconvenienced. That never happens to me. Everything runs tickety boo, just ask Mrs M. Lovely photos, the sea is just so calming.

  2. I feel your frustration for our first world problems. WiFi networks can be great but also a pain in the rear.

    I really like the stillness in the second image, the water looks as if you can walk on it.

  3. I laughed aloud about you and the wise men. You are hilarious Andrew. So glad that you have the el-problem-o sorted out. The pics are great as usual. Do you ever post a bad one? I have yet to see any. I can not imagine so much gear on one router.

    I am computerless again. Took for one last time to the genius. Costco did not have the computer in store except the display and I had put off odering one on-line from Costco. Anyhow one last time. I think a virus was still on my computer as it was a “tad strange” eveen though I had installed. McAfee. Computer ace man said ” Windows Defender is not listed as in the top 5 or 10. I advise Norton. So I said, “okay!” Then I thought, “I am probably throwing money to the wind.”

    Steve had written in a commnent that he had heard horror stories of McAfee and Norton. So at this point I am sort of like you . Hurl all of these technical gadgets through the window. 🙂

    I’m at the library so that I can comment on your blog and I commented on Lottie’s. Gave a brief reply to the reply that I had from “roughly.”

    Now I must get moving. Please excuse any typos and if any are blantant fix if you have time.


  4. Wow! I saw this earlier today while at work and waited to comment until this afternoon and I am surprised to still be the first to congratulate you on the return of sanity to your little corner of the technosphere.

    I would not have known to suggest that even though one might expect me to as I have to reboot my router on a regular basis. It is not a wireless system I have here as I am a bit paranoid about someone tapping into our network. We have had an occasional car parked outside and it appears he hijacks our neighbor’s network. She doesn’t care but I certainly do. There are stories of people being investigated for all sorts of bad things such as child porn as a result of someone using their network on the sly. So it is a hardwired router for me although they are getting a bit rare. But it does require rebooting every few weeks although it is just Mary Beth and me on the system.

    Anyway, it is your blog and enough about me. 🙂 I am glad it is all sorted out and you now know what to do the next time.

    And kudos to St. Lightroom for helping you to produce these two lovely images. Long live Adobe and us, its faithful minions.

    • Steve, the wifi network is password protected. When I log in I see my neighbours networks too but we all have security. Without a password nobody can get access. It’s the same in cafes etc. often I see other people’s hotspots and they don’t seem to have security. I find that much riskier.

      • Ours was protected too and nothing happened. But there are enough good hackers around I just don’t want to risk it. Since it is just our two desktops it was easy enough to run a single line. Additionally, we had some sort of interference that knocked our signal down in strength that no one could identify. The more we learn about how scammers etc get information and use it the more we look for security.
        I am just a bit on the paranoid side, I guess. Every piece of mail we get is shredded before disposal for recycling or trash. We won’t ever agree to anything over the phone nor will we give any information to door-to-door money raisers. It is hard as we are very trusting people but there are too many looking to take unsuspecting folks for a ride.

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