The Carrot Family

The beautiful Caspian Tern has a bill that resembles a carrot, so it is said. Here are a few Caspians at Mai Po yesterday, accompanied by Gull-billed terns. I also photographed a Whiskered tern for record purposes.



I shall go back for more on Monday, back and ability to wake up early permitting! The back is progressing and my outing yesterday was considerably eased by the offer of a lift to the boardwalk gate. Cars are only allowed on to the reserve with a permit, which I do not have. It saved me a 30 minute walk each way carrying my heavy pack. It will be a late decision on Sunday night or even Monday morning whether I feel I can do this walk as my pal is not free on Monday.  Decisions, decisions.


8 thoughts on “The Carrot Family

  1. They do look as though they have carrots stuck on the end of their face. Sort of Red Nose Day in fact? Except they look less stupid (I was never a fan of RND).

    Pleased to hear the back is improving although if you start lugging heavy gear around it may start to sulk at you again.

  2. The carrots are great. What were those cars that had a sort of carrot that shot out from the side when you indicated? I can’t remember but I loved them.

    Glad to hear your back is getting better – Pull your socks up Andrew! 😀

    • Struggling with my socks, Lottie. You mean the old Morris 1000? Although many cars then had them the Moggies were probably the commonest. Dad’s old Wolseley 1500 had them too. Those were the days!

      • That’s the motor! I wish they’d bring back the carrot for cars….so stylish.

        I think my Dad an Austin, not sure but he had to use a crank to get it started. Carrots and cranks…wouldn’t that make a great title for a blog?

        My back keeps doing this locking thing so I’m forced to get up at least 2 hours than I normally do just to relieve it – so boring. I know what I need to do, exercises, lots of them. Maybe the penny will bounce soon.

  3. Great looking birds with those orange snouts, I mean, beaks. You really do have a wonderful avenue and variety of birds where you live. How many lifers are on your resume, er list? 🙂

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