The Bulbul saga part 2

My neighbours were around again today and the courtship continues.

Coo-ee! I’m back!!


Look – I can stand on one leg. I’ve been practising. Good, innit?


And I can sing. Listen!


I can do Oh! For the wings of a dove. Better than Ernest Lough and Jimmy Hardacre used to be back in the 30s. I’ll be on the Third Programme yet.


Did someone mention me? You want my wings?


Good grief, how much longer is this going to go on? I’m trying to have my afternoon tea……


I have no idea how this will end. Maybe love will find a way.

7 thoughts on “The Bulbul saga part 2

  1. Thanks for this. Brought back memories of a garden full of banyan trees in Khartoum, Sudan, where the bulbuls were a fixture. They used to have fun sliding up and down the tennis court wires and they teased the also-resident mongoose colony something wicked. I was about six at the time. It was a very long time ago 🙂

    • Bulbuls are great fun. The Red-whiskered and the Chinese (or Light-vented) are very common in the garden. We have also had Chestnut bulbul recently. They are nosy, gregarious and often squabbling. We love them!

  2. What wondrously beautiful birds and how great to be able to capture them being so ‘perky’. Look at his wee little tuft of sticky up hair – my son would love hair like that.

  3. A riot of colour! The bulbuls seem to be having a lot of fun playing out their courtship in front of you. But it’s the yellow bird in the bougainvillaea that’s caught my fancy.

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