My tern next

No time for birding today but a few out-takes from yesterday.

Firstly, the Gull-billed Terns were there in huge numbers and somehow a few Little Terns sneaked in too. There were also Caspians but they don’t feature here. At first I rejected this shot as the birds overlap. After looking at it for a while I felt it made a nice shape with the wings of the two birds in synch.


Here you can see a small group of Gull-billed Terns with 2 Littles, one of which refused to show his face to the camera.

TernsNext a couple of Greater Sand Plover images. These were very confiding yesterday giving me full frame images. Greater and Lessers are not easy to ID in the field (at least for me) but the Greater has a heavier bill and looks very “leggy”. Leg colour is invariably hidden by the gloop.

GSPK25 GSPprofileFinally, to demonstrate that the birds do indeed wash their crustacea before eating them, here is a Terek doing just that. It wouldn’t pass Mrs. Ha’s exacting standards but few things do!



The birds of Mai Po wish you a very pleasant day.



15 thoughts on “My tern next

  1. I can hear the cries and the sounds of the ocean – oops got a little sand in my mouth too. I am so envious of those of you able to sort out the various waders. We get a lot of small ‘peeps’ on our beach and even when I check out the photographs later I am darned if I can figure out just what I saw. The terns are easier here, not quite so many varieties and the sizes and bills are quite distinctive. Thanks for the photos and the birding lessons.

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