Red is the colour (maybe)

A dear friend of Mrs. Ha sent her some flowers on her birthday. Thank you, Alice.

I wanted to take a snap so that she could see what Interflounder had despatched. I showed the image to Mrs. Ha and she promptly demanded I take a second shot with a different camera. Mrs. Ha, you see, once gave me a rather splendid birthday gift – a Leica M9. I invested in some decent lenses for it and since then any other camera has taken a rather distant second place in Mrs. Ha’s eyes. I rather fancied my Canon 5D3 and 85mm F1.2 lens were just the ticket but under orders out came the M9 with a 90mm F2 lens. Just for good measure I then used a third camera, a Fuji X100. The Fuji has a fixed 35mm F2 lens. The question is, do you get what you pay for? The Fuji would cost, I guess about 1/10 of the Leica kit and about 1/5 of the Canon combo.

I was handholding, no tripod. All shot at ISO400 and F4. No additional processing other than tiny equalisation of exposure.

Here are the results.



V6Β Mrs. Ha maintains that one of them has a definite orangey tint to it and bears the poorest resemblance to the original flowers. The other two she debated for a while and then picked out the top version as her favourite.

The challenge is, which camera took version 1? For the record, I find them all acceptable. One of the contradictions of photography in the digital age is that any output tends to be a starting point. We have endless permutations for changing virtually every aspect of the image. Why then do we (I guess this is the “royal we”) insist on spending an arm and a leg on gear that we then process to look like it was shot on a Lomo, a Holga or maybe even a Polaroid. Because to turn version 1 into a “polaroid” takes about 15 seconds.


And that’s fine by me too.

The good thing that came out of this was that I was considering upgrading my X100 to the new X100s with go-faster, glow-in-the-dark, “whew what a scorcher” stripes. And now I’m not. The urge to splurge on new cameras we call GAS or gear acquisition syndrome. Well, for those of you who remember All GAS and Gaiters, all I can say is, “Another glass of sherry, Archdeacon?”

Answers please on a postcard………… etc. etc.



27 thoughts on “Red is the colour (maybe)

  1. I’ll hazard a guess…#1-Fuji; #2-Leica; #3-Canon. I don’t see any serious color cast in any of them.
    I graduated….no longer a member of the GAS club. πŸ™‚ At least no relapses in two years. Could lose the battle at any moment but with semi-retirement looming the urges are under control. πŸ™‚

  2. After my spectacularly bad attempt at second guessing which camera took which picture last time, I’m not even going to try to guess this one. However, IF Lara, Lara Lusciousness had received such a marvellous bouquet (as of the one above) from Prince Bandung Bondowoso, I reckon their story may well have had a different ending. Just saying.

      • Well, that’s interesting – if we change Boko to Toko that’s ‘shop’ in Bahasa Indonesia so yes, I’m pretty sure that they had Armani Fiori and some. Our Lara however, was smitten with the Cadbury’s, she’d not encountered milk chocolate before……..

    • AV, I once worked with a Greek accountant. He only ever wore a pair of socks once. Each pair was silk. Worn once then consigned to the bin. Scandalous. They’d probably pay off the country’s debt now. I have not yet reached such a stage with cameras. But I have never knowingly put one in the washing machine.

      • Should you decide to put one in the washing machine, I would suggest the Canon, they float better, apparently. Advice from a good friend… πŸ™‚


  3. Okay, I’ll bite….V6 definitely X100 due to increased dof, V3 Canon, looks too red as Canon usually does, leaving V4 to be the M9

  4. My 2 cents are not worth much here. But NO 1 has a wee and I stress weeee bit if an edge in color. As for the camera quiz I would not have the foggiest idea which took which. Mrs. Ha has what I call an ability to determine finitie color variations. Is she an artist by chance? She would have made a gifited surgeon or internal medicine specialist who would put the best detective in the world to shame. She would leave no leaf unturned or in this case petal. :-)d

    • Yvonne, to my knowledge Mrs. Ha is no artist but she does have a very good eye for a photograph. And she knows instinctively what she likes. So perhaps there is latent talent yet to emerge. She is however very accomplished with a credit card πŸ™‚

    • Phil, I think that is the point! Virtually nobody sees a difference. Perhaps blown up to A3 size or greater, but for web use or small prints, they all look much the same.

  5. I like the texture of version 2 best. But couldn’t have rated any of the images better. Probably says more about me than the cameras or the photos!

  6. It must be a women thing. Like cars. I agree with Mrs Ha and Yvonne about No 1. Also like Yvonne, I wouldn’t have a clue which was which, just which photo I thought looked marginally better. Y is right about the colour, it is slightly more intense especially on the bottom flower. But it depends what you look for in a photo.

    So I wasn’t going to enter this comp, but it looks like the women also unintentionally won.

    Nearly spluttered over poor Hal laptop when I read your Mars Bar comment.

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