He shall music wherever he goes………

I was lacking inspiration today. What, I pondered, should be the subject of my next blog post. I have not been out with the camera today. Grey skies, heavy rain and a call to join a shopping expedition had precluded my preferred means of ticking off another day on the calendar of life. Fortunately there were plenty of good contributions from others to entertain me.  They included posts by Gerard Oosterman, Rough Seas in the Med, and the Empress herself, Lottie Nevin.

Comments had been proffered, some modest chores completed and all the while in the background my new-found friend, Spotify, was playing in the background. A constant stream of Allman Brothers music. Quite took me back, it did. Oh to be 18 again and listening to their music in the common room. The album finished and I mulled over what my next choice of music should be. My mind was blank.

I would like to explore. True, I can play the Spotify ‘radio stations’ and do it that way. The alternative was to invite suggestions from readers as to what might entertain your bird-brained blogger. For the avoidance of doubt there does not have to be an avian theme.  The Birdy Song is off limits. So is Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. The Eagles might make the cut. So might Mockingbird. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park would be in the worst possible taste. To illustrate how broad my taste in music is my collection runs from Tallis to T. Rex and from Schubert to Suzanne Vega.

Spotify is currently playing Bob Dylan at me. Not a good idea. Has that given you some guidance? This is to be, please remember, a journey of discovery and exploration. What has passed me by, do you think, other than the last 25 years?

In conclusion, I can assure all my readers, that whatever happens, in the words of Dusty herself,  I only want to be with you. 

Yours in anticipation…………

17 thoughts on “He shall music wherever he goes………

  1. There’s much to appreciate in this post, Andrew, including the last video that Gerard attached. That was amazing. I also enjoyed visiting your three blogger friends. No wonder I can’t read 150 blogs a day! 🙂 Thanks for all your wonderful assistance through my comment box! 🙂

    • Thank you Gerard. I have liked Vivaldi ever since I sang the Gloria in D, probably 45 years ago. Not alone, of course. There were others doing it severe damage at the same time (roughly). My only gripe with the 4 Seasons is that he never wrote a Typhoon season movement. Appalling oversight. Never mind.

    • Phil, believe it or not I was not familiar with Pandora but I checked it out. Yes they are similar. I opted for Spotify without the ads which incurs a modest cost. It has ‘radio stations’, and you could indeed pick simply the 80s as your genre. I liked Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music – definitely one for the list Thanks.

  2. Tourist -St Germain
    Just a little lovin Shelby Lynne
    Foobirds. ( My sons band)
    Light Jazz Piano Stephen Kummer
    Waltz for Koop Koop
    Philharmonics – Agnes Obel
    Take 5 Dave Brubeck
    Waltz for Debby Bill Evans
    Autumn George Winston
    Live at the Troubador Carole King and James Taylor
    Le Pas de Chat Noir Anouar Brahem
    I’m new here Gil Scott-heron
    Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

    There’s a few albums to listen to

  3. You had me singing away there. Or even chirping. Cheeply. I have other things to do today, it being a bank holiday, but sadly I got distracted with the much promised PC post which may or may not entertain you. Beware the boots and the Allen key though. I like the Eagles. I have T Rex albums and singles. Variety is the key. Or some such thing. With which, I must go and finish my brunch which got put on hold for my PC post …

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