Slim Pickings

I’m sure you remember that wonderful blues player, Slim Pickings. Well I met him this morning. The day started badly last night. I had planned a 6am start and a trip to Mai Po. So an early night was in order. The problem was that at 4am I was still awake. Sometime between 4 and 6am I drifted off. The alarm woke me at 6 and I felt wrecked. So I sent my photography companion an apologetic text and went back to sleep until 9am.

I decided then to stay local. The shrike was still around but much more wary today. I imagine yesterday hunger overcame every fear. The clouds meant it was going to be another poor quality effort if I got anything at all. So I went up the road to see if there were any waders on the shoreline. No. Things were not looking good.

Nonetheless I found a wagtail to play with and took a few shots. Well to be accurate I took a lot of shots but low light meant most were useless and the backgrounds were yukky. You see….. These are all of White Wagtail, Motacilla alba, of the race leucopsis.





But cloud is good for photographing some things and I ended up with a few half decent butterfly shots and a rather nice shell shot. The first shot of Nacaduba kurava euplea or Transparent Six Line Blue to its friends, shows it is very worn. A bit like the photographer.




Nacaduba-kurava-euplea-TBC And hey! I pulled a mussel 🙂ShellsAnd on that weak note, I shall sign off with a cheery Shiver me timbers and blistering barnacles.

Captain Haddock.



4 thoughts on “Slim Pickings

  1. What a sad tale – you sound more blue than the six-line, worn or not, very beautiful. My favourite today is the wagtail on rock with reflection.

  2. Andrew, these are all good. Just not to your standards. I understand that. Every photographic field trip simply in not going to yield winners. It’s what we call a crap shoot over here. It is a gamble for you well know that humans can not predict the exact behavior of animals, birds, and insects. And the weather for sure is something that is out of one’s control. I understand your frustrations. Great expectations (or maybe not) leads to much disappointment. :-

    On a lighter note: The brown butterfly is quite pretty and I like that one a lot.


  3. Having bragged on my post yesterday that the dry season was upon us, guess what? I understand your frustrations with the weather. Let’s put it this way, it’s days like these that I don’t give a stuff about not being able to squeeze into my tank-ini CMP but the girls are mightily pissed off that the skies are dark grey.

    These may not pass muster with you Mr H, but I think the butterflies are bonny and my favourite by far is Hey, I’ve pulled a mussel. The colours are very painterly.

    Before I forget, congratulations on having your Bird being the ‘Pin up of the Day’ – bet you were thrilled about that ;D

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