Lulu – first pictures

OK. You want Lulu.

This is the first image we have of her.

Baby Lulu


And this is my favourite from her young pup days.

Lulu and rope

And finally, Lulu and Dad.

Lulu and And-ru


Those were the days………… June 2009. And in her prime….



Le Fin!



8 thoughts on “Lulu – first pictures

  1. Andrew…you truly are a man of the people. Lulu must share her beauty with the world.
    Those are lovely shots of the Divine Ms L. She is gorgeous from any angle and her escort ain’t bad either. ๐Ÿ˜‰ & a nod.

    • Nice photo for the family album. Pippa is a real dog in the sense that he would never be mistaken for a cat, even with a girl’s name. Lulu alas has on occasions been mistaken for a puss. Usually by small children on school outings.

      Oooooh! Is that a cat? said the boy.
      No. s*d off, said Lulu and sank her teeth into him

      (I made the last bit up but you could tell from the look of disdain on Lulu’s face that that is exactly what she had in mind. 4.8lb of fighting dog in her prime.

      • No, Pippa just gets mistaken for a lobo, leรณn, or tigre. (wolf lion or tiger but you could have worked that out).

        Much as Pippa dislikes cats, or rather, likes to chase them, he is enamoured with small friendly dogs, especially bitches. He is also very good with small children, large children, grown-ups and anyone who wants to stroke and admire him. Basically he is vain.

  2. Awwww, Pens melting…or was that pen smelting?.. whatever, Lulu is just GORGEOUS, Well worth the money, methinks… and you look ok too, Andrew, .. ๐Ÿ™‚ xPenx

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