Of Lanius and Lulu

Lanius the Butcher Bird stood warden of the gate…… as any skoolboy who went to St. Custard’s kno this is not from Virgil’s Aeneid Book IX. In fact Lanius the BB, far from standing anywhere today has legged it as far as I can tell. Why? Because the sun has come out to play. The night was full of sound and fury but blew itself out and dry by morning. Lovely post-storm light could have made my shrike picture perfect. But no.

Roll call:

Red-Whiskered Bulbul? Sir!

Chinese Bulbul? Sir!

Magpie Robin? Sir!

Tailorbird? Sir! (NB: No relation to Taylor Swift as I understand it).

and so it went on until

Brown Shrike? …………… The silence of the Lanii followed. The birds all shuffled awkwardly and looked around, up and down, whistling gently.

Lanius? Where is Lanius Brown Shrike?

Er, sir, I think he went behind the fig tree, sir.

Nobody leaves this garden until Lanius reports for registration. Don’t snigger RWB!

Chinese Bulbul tried to take a half-chewed caterpillar out of his beak and throw it away.  Red-whiskered hid the fag packet he had been brandishing so boldly before I arrived. (Note for readers who may be concerned at this comment – fag is a slang English word for cigarette).

By 10.30 Lanius had not appeared and indeed has not been seen since. I however had to leave and escort Mrs. Ha and Lulu to the poodle parlour. Only Lulu was having her claws clipped plus a quick trim and brush up. Mrs. Ha’s turn comes on Saturday morning in prep for the wedding. Apparently there are 3 make-up artists and at least 3 hair stylists arriving at 6.30. In the morning. Good grief. And none of them is for me. My guess is that there is one each for Mrs. Ha, the bride and the bride’s sister, Cost Centre number 2.

We left Lulu in the tender care of Tracey of bDOG Tokyo. And a splendid job she did too. An hour later Luscious Lulu came out of the salon and my money went in. LL had had her photo taken and we were asked to give our consent for her to feature on the company’s FB page, presumably as Miss May or something like that. No pay, I’m afraid, but what a great career move for Lulu. She was returned to us sporting a rather fetching bow, which Mrs. Ha promptly removed. Lulu is not quite in the category of Boo for cuteness but she is close. Bows however are not needed to enhance Lulu’s natural beauty, with or without hair.

We discovered this grooming parlour a year or so ago. We like it because they genuinely seem to love the dogs. They had a rescue puppy there today that they are taking care of. It had been hit by a taxi. The vet had patched it up. Now it is being looked after in the shop and they had a donation box to help with the bills. I put some money in. I hope the pup finds a permanent home soon.

Whilst Luscious Lulu was being transmogrified we did a little shopping and I tried to grab a few photos. However carrying the shopping and trying to take photos don’t go well together. So here are just 4 shots from my morning shopping torture.

Easy RiderEasyRiderNewspapers for sale.Newspapers Cat’s eyesPolaroidPuss Pumpkin and TaroPumpkin


Now I back waiting to see if Lanius Brown Shrike returns before sundown. Watch this space.

12 thoughts on “Of Lanius and Lulu

  1. I like the cat’s eyes. And are those water chestnuts in the water in the last picture? Fine pair of scales too. Doesn’t look very electronicised or whatever the word is.

    But ——– WHERE is Lulu?

  2. I will add my voice to the disgruntled crowd crying out for the missing portrait of LL. why must we wait for the salon’s Ms. May spread? We want Lulu! We want Lulu! We want Lulu! The cry is ringing in the ether. Why would Lanius return to a space bereft of the divine Ms. L?

    “The pictures are nice and the writing quite witty
    Without pictures of Lulu we are all feeling quite ##%$ty!” ….Keats, I think.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyable post – even with the anxious wait for Lulu’s appearance. Actually the anticipation adds to the enjoyment. I notice you have now posted Lulu the Younger photos so by the time I was up and at ’em in this time-zone I didn’t have to wait long.

  4. All too cute, Wish those scales were mine. Need them to weigh my cats for proper doses. Have to get digital ones from Internet. Cat and the kid -so c-u-t-e!!! Got to move along for drive to Austin today to check on ailing daughter and get needles and fluids she has ordered to be used for subcu fluids on the animals.

  5. I will watch this space, Andrew, and Lulu looks wonderfully groomed, I can say this with certainty ‘cos I’ve backtracked .. 😉 and I do hope the rescue puppy finds a good home … AND that Lanius reports for duty soon. xPenx

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