Modern Life

Not another rant about the modern family, just some shots I took whilst waiting for Mrs. Ha to shop today. The blog will probably not be updated tomorrow in view of number one daughter’s wedding. It seems my plan to go birding was vetoed and I have to attend and make some sort of speech. Any ideas, anyone?

Brushing past

Brushing past

Hard Times?

Hard Times?

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple



The Snoozer

The Snoozer

Whet your whistle while you work?

Whet your whistle while you work?

All shot on on my Fuji X100, manual (range) focus set to 2.5m, either F8 or 11, ISO1600.


16 thoughts on “Modern Life

  1. Haha, thought the last pic was you with the ‘this is me’ T shirt.

    Are you practising for Cambodia with all this street photog?

    So who is the official photographer? You, or will you just be taking a few family snaps? Either way, should be some good photos coming up, to make up for the lack of birds. So to speak.

    • I am indeed practising for Cambodia and I regret that I have no idea who is taking the official photos. I understand there is a video crew as well. Gulp. It was so much easier when we got married. A friend of a friend turned up and took the photos – brilliant job. Great value for money. I have not yet decided whether I should try to sneak a camera in the pocket of my DJ.

      • Ah the video thing. Double gulp. Not sure who took our photos. In the register office in Sydney, minimal witnesses and we STILL had gatecrashers, one of whom must have taken the photos because they came from somewhere 😀

        Are you having a musical event then with the DJ? Do hope he chooses some nice old music. Not sure what use your camera will be in his pocket.

      • Haha! One of our friends actually went to the wrong wedding. He flew in from Dubai and knew where the registry office was. He stood at the back and wasn’t surprised that he didn’t follow much of the Chinese. When the happy couple stood up after signing the book and turned round he realised he was in the wrong place. We have a brilliant picture of him with his head sticking round the door of our room just after we had finished.

  2. I’m sure that you already have a wonderful speech prepared. Either up yer sleeve or down yer boxers. All that worries me is that your superb wit may be lost in translation – it just depends on how many from the valley’s will be attending? Wot ever, I hope that you all have a marvellous day!

    Sorry, I almost forgot your pics! – My favourite today is…..’The Odd Couple’

    Have fun tomorrow and all good wishes to the Bride and Groom 😀

  3. I’m sure you’ll think of something to say, Andrew, and the photo’s are great… just zooming up to take another look at them.. Loving the t-shirt in the last one.. 🙂 All the best for tomorrow.. . xPenx

    • Thanks Pen. I’m sure most people wearing these T shirts don’t understand the words. I saw one a couple of days ago that was crude to put it mildly. I doubt very much if the young guy would have worn it if he had understood it.

  4. I hope whomever is doing the photography will also be doing a video of your speech. I am sure you will have them rolling in the aisles. But will it be your wit or your fracturing of the tongue? Best wishes to all for a great occasion.

    So did you wake the cabbie for a model release? I squinted trying to see you in the mirror’s chrome.

    • The way it is shaping up it will be a toast rather than a speech, Steve. English with subtitles. I don’t think trying my humour on non-English speakers is going to be very productive.

  5. Have a great day tomorrow. I’m looking for pointers, number three daughter (last but not least) is getting married in September. I have to officiate as well as a toast I think.

    I expect your Chinese speaking audience will not have heard a groan (sic) man before.

    Lovely atmosphere in the b&w shots.

    Best wishes to the happy couple.

    • To be honest Rod, the Chinese ceremonies are al something of a mystery to me. I strongly suggest you stick to Ancient & Modern and the like. It seems a mixture of the very rigid and incredibly flexible. I suspect they just make it up as they go along. Thank you for the good wishes. If I get through in one piece I shall report back.

  6. Body language and facial expressions make these really good.

    Getting in practice shots? I thought that you had written about a street photography workshop in Cambodia but maybe that was someone else’s blog.

  7. Congratulations – perhaps you could give a brief speech on the challenges of getting a good photograph? People will assume you are speaking by analogies, and they will be swept away by your passion and knowledge…

    Have a great day, come rain or shine!

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