WIP (Wedding in Progress)

Phase one went off without a hitch. The formal hitch is at 4.30pm.

Dad of course was busy with his camera………

Mother and daughter

BW-Mum&Ranae The sistersSistersBW Getting the dress ready for laterDressAnd of course, when the groom’s party arrives to pick up the bride and her entourage…. what else would they do but play with the girls frillies?Jason1


Lulu is kept safely away so she does not get hurt. Time to find my DJ………


12 thoughts on “WIP (Wedding in Progress)

  1. Lovely ladies! It is now 4:20 am here, so with the twelve hour difference…Things must be reaching that special hour. It seems to have been just a perfect day. And the best is about to start. Congratulations to all.

  2. Always a worry, Andrew, will everything go to plan? and of course it does… Beautiful Bride, beautiful family, and of course, all well documented for the future, photo-wise… Great memories in the making.. xPenx

  3. Must have been a stunning and awesome day. You all look extremely happy (well, not a surprise on such a day 😉 ) but you captured the mood pretty well.
    Congratulations to you and Shirley and to the young couple!!

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