Those of you who have been sliding downhill with me for 9 months or so may recall some of my images from last year’s visit. I leave again on Thursday for 10 days. Again I am going with Gary Tyson’s F8 Photography. These are full-on trips not for the faint of heart. From dawn ’til you drop. And then start again.

I posted a Cambodia album on Google + yesterday. Recognising that many people do not visit G+ I will offer a taste of what it was like last year and of course I hope for more and better this time around.

Stranger on the ShoreStranger-on-the-shore DawnOn-the-quay The SweeperThe sweeper The lady approachesSupplication

The Would-be Moll

The Would-be Moll

The would-be gangster




See Emily Play

See Emily Play




When I get back I hope I can show you the joy and character of Cambodia.


17 thoughts on “Cam-bo-di-a!

  1. Again, wonderful portraits! Sehr stimmungsvoll und voller Atmosphäre. You definitely should follow-up on portrait / street work. Well done!!

  2. Dear Andrew,
    Yes, the depth of character and the spirit of the land shine from these photos. Each of them mesmerising. I look forward to more of Cambodia and wishing you a memorable trip. Sharon

  3. These are all fine shots, Andrew. So intimate and with much to say without speaking. I really like your work on the street.
    And I am very much looking forward to the next Cam-bo-di-a! chapter.

  4. Sounds like quite an adventure coming up. The selection from last year are very evocative. Looking forward to the results of your sojourn

  5. Great Photo’s Andrew,… especially Dawn, just reeks of a day full of promise… (reeks?.. erm.. I know, not a good description, but one which came to mind, so there it stays in my comment 😉 ) Have a wonderful trip, and of course, bring back many, many photo’s for us to view.. …xPenx

  6. Absolutely stunning photos Andrew. Cambodia is my favorite country in the world, so I can’t wait to see more of your pics! You have really captured the essence of the people in these photos I think. Have a great time on your trip!

  7. It’s going to have to be one of those ‘Cheque in the post’ sort of comments I’m afraid! Not because I’m in a hurry or rushing off to do anything special. It’s simply because I’m having real problems with the internet today and Google Chrome. It’s taken 5 attempts to get on your site but now that I’m finally on it, the pictures are not downloading. POO!

    You must be getting excited now for the Cambodia trip. I’m very jealous, it’s somewhere that I long to go to 😀 have a great time Andrew and look forward to seeing your photographs.

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