6 thoughts on “The Lotus Position

  1. Ah yes. We think along the same lines;


    I do think red works well with b/w but I don’t have the skills to do it, which is why I called in my pal Vicky to sort my pic for me 😀

    Wd be interested in the colour version of yours though, mine was almost monotone as it was (apart from the colour), but surely yours would have been vibrant?

    • I think it was almost monotone anyway. As far as I can recall I moved all the saturation sliders to the extreme left to remove all the colour and the added the red back to the extent I wanted. The only issue is that if you have red in other places in the image and not just where you want it, it won’t work as you get all the red back. I’m sure there is a way but I have not got that far yet.

      • Thanks for that. I thought yours might have been monotone because of all the wonderful gold stuff you get in parts of Asia (I’m thinking Thailand principally) but looking at it again it’s all carved stonework rather than paint and gilded finish.

        I must have a practice. That would have worked with my pic, I think.

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