17 thoughts on “Wedding flashback

  1. Very smart, Mr Downhill! Im afraid that Ive given up on the tie your own, life is too short. Cheers Rob

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  2. What very nice shots. Everyone does look so happy and lovely or handsome per your preference. 🙂 These took a long time in the production, though. I thought digital speeds things up?
    The image of you with your hand to your chin is so congenial, Andrew. Nothing curmudgeonly about you. The couple are radiant and Shirley so beautiful.

      • Uh-oh. I had hoped that if I were to visit HK I would be treated to sparkling personality and warmth. Guess I had better start watching Don Rickles standup on YouTube to prepare myself.

  3. What beauties the lot of you! And you dear Sir, look so dapper in your suit and real bow tie. I echo all the sentiments above from Yvonne and Ms Roughseas – Mrs Ha is a stunner and her dress is divine. The Bride and Groom look radiant. What a very happy day indeed.

    Andrew, I’ve been ‘off radar’ for a month. Please accept my apologies for not visiting your blog for a while. I shall try and catch up on the ones that I’ve missed. Lottie 🙂

    • Welcome back, Empress. I hope it has been good ‘off radar’ and lots of fun rather than anything bad. I have blogged very little this month so at least on my blog there is little to read. Gerard has been in fine form and Rod of course. Looking forward to your blog kicking off again soon.

  4. Indeed, Yvonne is right in all aspects. Didn’t you say that there weren’t many photos of you around because you preferred to be behind the camera? Those smiley ones are excellent. My dad used to wear a bow tie for his silly Masonic nights, I seem to remember it was mother who tied it for him however (and put the studs in his shirt and did his cufflinks). His ties were narrower than yours though. I am in love with Mrs Ha’s frock and I don’t even like dresses. It is utterly beautiful (as is she of course but that goes without saying). The young couple look so happy and your daughter as a wonderful aura of serenity about her.

    • Sadly I had no control over the photos of me. The camera and video crew followed us from 6.30am to 11pm. The video is definitely X rated for the bridegroom’s “singing” – I use the term loosely. I am pleased to declare myself a mason-free zone. I did my own tie, studs and links. The tie is quite narrow I think it is the fact that a tied bow doesn’t sit perfectly aligned (at least mine doesn’t) so it looks slightly wider but is probably the the back and front overlapping. I do own a wider bow tie – from Hermes no less – but didn’t like the way it tied so I have never worn it. The saga behind Mrs. Ha’s frock is a blogpost in itself but not I fear one she will allow me to tell. Suffice it to say that it was tailor made by Shanghai Tang and cost roughly the GDP of a small developing country. If it hadn’t looked good I would want to know the reason why!

      • Bow ties (and studs) of fifty years ago. I still have the studs although I have no idea why.
        Now I really want to hear about the frock. There is always email you know.
        I am thinking of a starring role in a film for her perhaps. Gone with the Typhoon?

      • E mail duly despatched. I like GWTT. Although possibly Breakfast, lunch & dinner at Tiffany’s might be another option.

  5. Two good looking couples. And, yes the bow tie looks perfect. I like the close up of you smiling with your hand to your face. Good capture. I like that kind of pose. Mrs. Ha is as pretty as the bride. You are a lucky man.

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