‘Street Boy’s Dream’

I have never reblogged anything before but this man just tugs the heartstrings.


I am nobody and I have nothing. A simplistic human being stated as photographer who continued to question around his world. I conjure traveling in the different layers of myself and host an activist inside me by innate attributes.Yes, neither I am an industrialist nor do I hold a lion’s share of a company. For me CSR or charity is fancy word. But the passage I walked 15 years smiled melancholic to me. I marvel and interpret it to the world believing for a change. But the verb ‘Change’ itself very ‘dearly-won’. I found 18 years old drug users dyeing abandoned before I take him in my shoulder, I know how a sex worker cut off veins and her bleeding marks keep me awakening nights.I know how cold and deep an old lonely mother’s breathe can be in an elderly home. In the dormitories of injustice of the…

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8 thoughts on “‘Street Boy’s Dream’

  1. Thanks for re blogging this Andrew. I hope his story and action will move me and others to real action. It’s so easy to sit back and wring our hands, then move on and forget. So much easier than actually getting involved.

      • Just tried replying. It disappeared into the ether.
        That’s wonderful Andrew. I’ll check into his book too.
        I am preaching on the Good Samaritan Sunday week. I will use excerpts from his post. He is definitely an example of being a Good Samaritan in today’s world. A real inspiration. Thanks again for re-blogging his post.

  2. what a caring and compassionate man he is. Andrew, he brings hope into these youngsters lives, where there was none before. We don’t really know we’re born do we? So many shades of grey in this life of ours. Many thanks for sharing this mans journey. xPenx

  3. I have lived this story in Rio, Bolivia and Peru. This story is very real and makes me write through the tears of my memories… I have been there, done that and I didn’t even get a T-shirt. Happiness is not measured by richness, a child on the streets with a bag of marbles, he is happy and rich; western children have so much to learn, they are rich, but when it comes to happiness they live in squalor.


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