Mr. Blue Sky

I frequently bemoan the poor air quality in HK. Occasionally though we do get glorious blue sky days. Today is such a day. We had rain overnight. The temperature has cooled a little. If only all our summer days were like this. Two images taken from our house today plus a monochrome conversion to prove that nature looks wonderful in black and white too.



IMGL9911-2I have another post in my mind. I hope it sticks. It could be my best ever, so I shall probably forget it the moment I sit at the laptop. Isn’t it always like that?



14 thoughts on “Mr. Blue Sky

  1. I must look out my pictures of HK. Don’t remember any blue skies. It was November though.

    As with the later post (because I am catching up backwards, as you do, or rather I do), I like the coloured ones better. I like the different tones of blue. The blue sky also makes the clouds look fluffier.

    No rain here in summer but pretty humid. Everyone was moaning about it yesterday and it was only 31 ish, so not hugely hot.

    Probably more pollution in Gib than Andalucía thanks to el Generalissimo building petrol refineries at San Roqué. The Andalucían coastline has low air pollution due to the lack of industry although personally I would have thought there might be a load of pesticide pollution if they spray when it is breezy. Gib only gets westerly breezes as the easterly ones produce the Levanter cloud mass that hangs over the rock.

    There were signs in Málaga yesterday about the air quality but the bus went past before I got chance to read them 😦

  2. I always thought that HK would have nice blue skies all the time in the summer, with your revelation I am kind of disillusioned with the way i want the world to look.
    Great images though, like the black and white conversion with the blue sky turning black.

  3. Gee, and there I was thinking HK was all high rise and crowded streets with knife sharpeners and food stalls at every corner. Now I understand where you get those lovely shots from.

  4. Hasn’t Mr. Blue Sky made a prior appearance? You are fortunate to have this view, Andrew. It looks like the air is much fresher than reported…I am not doubting you at all, but it looks nice. The B&W does look quite smashing.
    So, we are all now on tenterhooks hoping that you wrote yourself a note. 🙂

  5. Dear Sir

    The view from your house is something else. Just looking at it makes me feel happy. The poor air quality in HK must drive you nuts? I’d never had to suffer it before I moved to Jakarta, it was a bit of a shock not being able to gulp down lots of fresh air and rarely seeing blue skies even though you know the sun is shining above them. I feel really sorry for Singapore and Malaysia having to put up with the stink that’s blowing over to them from our side. It’s shameful.

    Disgusted from Jakarta

    • Dear Disgusted from Jakarta,

      I hear Portugal is very nice. Each time I have moved in HK it has been further away from the big city. We took 18 months to find this view. It can be spectacular but the best chance of clear skies like this are now. Most of the year we get some sort of haze, whether from pollution, heat or low cloud. I think Jakarta would scare me but I was pleasantly surprised by Bangkok recently. Much better than 15 or even 5 years ago. I wish HK was lke this all the time.

  6. What a glorious view – hope you remember your best post ever. I have a list of posts that seemed really funny before I sat down to write. Maybe tomorrow.

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