A room with a view

Well once again we are blessed with a blue sky and stunning views. Mrs. Ha requested (if that is the right expression) that I again document the rare event for posterity. I duly took a shot or two and returned to the study to process my favourite. I ended up with 2 versions that I like and endless intermediate morphs.ย This is the base photo with not much done to it.E4-colour

And this ย a rather OTT monochrome courtesy of Silver Efex.


The building you may pick out amongst the hills opposite is actually a clubhouse for the golf club on Kau Sai Chau. There are, I think, 3 courses on the island, all owned by the HK Jockey Club. The HKJC is a charitable organisation that relieves the populace of their hard earned money through gambling. Horses and the lottery. Most people have a shot at the Mark Six (pick 6 from 49 numbers) now and again but the most I have won is about HK$100. I could count the number of times I have been to the races on one hand. I believe the HKJC is the only legal outlet for betting in HK’s nanny state. There are of course many illegal gambling syndicates and a lot of people have a quiet wager on their mahjong game. Ironic really as mahjong is anything but a quiet game. To be honest, the nanny state is probably merited on this occasion as there is a distinct propensity to bet in the Chinese genes. Just look at the casinos in Macau and now Singapore. Stuffed to the gills with mainland Chinese. In return the HKJC does much good and the golf courses on KSC are the only ones I know of in HK where the public can pay to play. Otherwise you need to know the right people, pay an arm and a leg and probably join a waiting list to become a member of one of the elite clubs.

The island in the foreground is the splendidly named Lap Sap Chau – or Garbage/Rubbish Island in English. I don’t know why it is so named. I have never deposited my refuse there. Just out of sight on the right is Yeung Chau, where historically White-bellied Sea-eagles have nested. We still see them fly past the house but I have not seen juveniles so I am not sure whether they still have a breeding site there or just a roost.

I am still working on my magnum opus and my ultimate blog post may eventually see the light of day. But don’t count on it.



14 thoughts on “A room with a view

  1. Requested eh? Andrew, Love that term. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the ‘moodiness’ of the monochrome photo. And good to catch up, I’m still having trouble posting comments, (trying to confuse Akismet by using my Google+ID!!) so this may go directly to your spam folder. have a good rest of the week. xPenx

  2. Another lovely view, Andrew. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. ๐Ÿ™‚ What is your handicap at the course? I have played a number of times and can comfortably reveal that my handicap IS the game of golf. As they say…a good walk ruined.
    I am not a fan of gambling although I will on a rare occasion drop a dollar on a scratch ticket if that is all my change is when I make a small purchase at one of the establishments that sell the tickets. But not often. It was a sickness with my father that left him broke and living off the state now in a nursing home. One always feels the next bet will make up for all the previous losses. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ In this case, nanny state good.

    • The best I ever played off was 13 Steve. I have played once in 20 years but used to be addicted. I suspect I could still play ok with a bit of practice but no longer have the inclination. I still have 2 sets of clubs in storage though. And they don’t have hickory shafts. But when I started around 1970 the first clubs I swung were wooden shafted and had the old names. Not many people can say with honesty they got their niblick stuck in a rabbit hole. :-0

  3. That is a SERIOUSLY gorgeous view. It’s almost got a touch of the Highlands and Islands about it. Normally I prefer B&W but today I’m voting for the colour one only because the sea looks so tempting and velvety (not sure that’s a real word) in it. Long may you have blue skies ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m with Lotty, I like the colour one too. I think the ethereal quality in colour gets lost in b&w where it looks heavier. The colour one looks quite surreal. Sort of Dali-ish. Or maybe the blues in it are moody, rather like the album cover of Seventh Sojourn, which wasn’t blue but still it reminds me of it.

    • Oooooh. I think I may have Seventh Sojourn somewhere. Gosh that brings back memories. The colour version isn’t intended to look surreal but Mrs Ha liked the patterns on the water so I tried to accentuate them. Colour is probably better here. I maybe overdid the processing in the B&W one ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

      • I definitely have SS. When we get out Ye Olde Bang and Olufsen and flip up the lid, wipe the fancy needle, and put on a record it is one of the most played. Along with Band on the Run. My records are a post in themselves that I have never got around to.

        They didn’t need accentuating. They were perfect.

  5. Wow that is truly a room with a view Andrew! It’s interesting how the islands are the focus in the colour photo, probably due to the gorgeous contrast of blue/green, whereas the clouds and the sky become the focus in the monochrome photo. Two beautiful photographs, two very different effects.

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