Forest Chaser

A 7am start with John Holmes at Long Valley proved to be unproductive for dragonflies. There were a few around but there were few in striking distance. I managed a nice record shot of a female Forest Chaser but nothing else.


The big surprise was when John sighted a Black Bittern. It flew into a tree out of sight. Much to my relief it did another fly around a few minutes later but again disappeared into the tree, completely hidden. Eventually, as we approached the tree it flew out of the back and dropped down well away from us. We left it in peace. No photos but a very nice record nonetheless.

Back home I was also pleased to receive in the post Gmb Akash’s book, Survivors. It is beautifully produced and signed by the photographer. It has an introduction by Ruth Eichhorn, Director of Photography at GEO magazine. His work is simply stunning. I do urge you to consider buying a copy to help him in all the amazing humanitarian work he does.

This is the link:

and here is another about him:

The man is an inspiration. And that’s a good point to end on.


9 thoughts on “Forest Chaser

  1. I’ve just clicked on the links. I’m in awe of him, what a remarkable and inspiring man. Your Female Forest Chaser (great name!) isn’t half bad either.

  2. The Forest Chaser is a very nice image, Andrew. The addition of the Black Bittern sighting makes for a good day I am sure.
    I will be purchasing yhe book and am following him on FB.

    • Thanks Steve. The bittern was a real bonus. You should enjoy the book. It is very well produced. John and I may venture out even earlier next week. Amazingly some brave souls were arriving as we left!!!

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