8 thoughts on “When the alarm went off……

  1. I woke up at nearly 8am too.

    I’d woken up before and fell sleep again. Mmm siesta time now too.

    Herons seem to be getting smaller and smaller the more blogs I read. He looks like a sparrow (well sort of).

    What happened to tall leggy herons like me?

    • I think I used to know a girl called Leggy Heron.

      They are still around but the smaller ones are more of a challenge to photographs. So also more fun. Enjoy your fiesta.

      • I am definitely more a challenge to photograph than the smaller versions. Or maybe that should really read a decent pic of me is more of a challenge. And sometimes I am fun. The fiesta was fine. Now I am awake and legging it.

        On a serious point, I really didn’t realise there were tiny herons. I thought they were all flamingo size!

  2. Hmmm….Looks a bit like a member of Striated Heron and the Razor Biters.

    Fine image, Andrew. Worth the early rise. Seems about the size of our Green Heron-Butorides virescens.

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