Well hello boys!!!

Yes, its me. Gorgeous, pouting, luscious Lulu. I’ve been in semi-retirement for a while because my fur was not at its best. However as you can see from today’s snap its coming along nicely now.



I used to love the Australian organic biscuits but then they told me they couldn’t get them any more. So I started shedding my fur in protest. They went berserk the pair of them. OMG, we’ll have a bald dog, he said. Yes, she said but she’s still very cute. Cute my arse. OK, I did go a bit far but he ended up contacting the manufacturers and finding somewhere else in HK that stocked my faves. And so I’m back on track. Now she’s moaning that my whiskers are turning white. Well what do you expect living in a mad house like this. I’m the only one who is sane and yet he always shouts “why is the dog going crazy?” just because I like barking at the helper and nibbling her ankles. She loves it.  When they’re away of course I don’t bother but I know it winds him up so it’s all a good game. And of course she then gives me extra rations to keep me quiet. Its like shooting fish in a barrel.

They did buy me a rather snazzy new basket a couple of months ago and I can now recline full length if I want to. The old one is now downstairs in the living room and I generally doze off in there when they watch the news. Heaven knows why he sits there – he doesn’t understand a word of it. Sheesh. I know more Cantonese than he does. I guess he just watches the pictures.It is the only TV they watch as a rule although he watches the game she calls “why are they fighting?” and he seems to call rugby. And they watched some scruffy herbert called Andy Murray winning at Wimbledon. That was it. I was bored rigid. Not a dog anywhere. When did a Pomeranian last win Wimbledon I want to know. He laughed when I asked and suggested Wilhelm Bungert might have been a Pom but he lost to a moustache with an Aussie attached to it called Newcombe.  I don’t think a Pole has ever got to the men’s final.

Life goes on much as usual. She shops. He snaps. I just go through my daily routine. So far I have trained them to do “Lulu sit”, “Lulu down” and “Lulu come”. Four years to master that  lot. Not exactly smart are they? I do some circuit training twice a day to keep me fit. If they get out of order I drop a bit of fur on the floor and they start the OMG routine again. We have found a decent local grooming parlour too, which helps. Japanese I think. He calls it the poodle parlour but I’ve never seen a poodle in there. Nasty snappy things with silly haircuts generally. Not a patch on us Poms. With or without hair.

It is now 15 minutes until afternoon snack time. I am supposed to get a measly 15 biscuits but if he feeds me he sneaks me a few more. She always puts me on the wretched scales and says “Oh Lulu!!! You are 0.2lb overweight and have to go on a diet”. The next day I think he alters the scales and I am back under my contracted modelling weight of 5lb. Overall I guess it’s not a bad life but I do wish they were a bit smarter. My only complaint is that I’ve nothing much to read. I do like Pets, People & Life and Gerard is a hoot. But Pippa-dog hasn’t written anything in yonks.  I think I may have to start chewing a book or two to try to get the message over but e-readers taste awful I bit one the other day. I thought it said Kibble but it turned out it said Kindle. Bugger.

That’s it for now my lovelies. I’ll take the hot seat again when he’s preoccupied with something “important”. And just one last thing – Happy Birthday, Madiba. 95 today. I’ll blow out a candle for you. I’ve got terrible wind today.



22 thoughts on “Well hello boys!!!

  1. I was just about to say Pippadog should really reply to this but he’s chilling out on the nice cool floor and then I saw he got a mention. No, he hasn’t written anything for ages, you’re right. In fact, the lazy dog (!!) hasn’t even replied to his last set of comments. He must be on summer hours. They just happened to start in March. Or April. Or sometime/summertime.

    We had some nice biscuits sent by dog friends from America. They were organic and vanilla. I know they were delicious because I tried them. Went very nicely with coffee I must say. I would recommend them if I could remember their name. There will be a post in the long distant dusty archives of pippadogblog somewhere which will no doubt give more details.

    I am pleased your pelo is returning. Pippa’s is falling out daily, hourly, minutely. Perhaps not minutely, more like grossly. We have a running battle, him to try and scratch it all out and fill the flat with floating fur for me to sweep up, and me to try and groom when he lies on the sofa, before he gets fed up and jumps under (can you jump under?) his table den.

    Does Lulu not speak Cantonese? Pippa is bilingual (that excludes husky and generic dog lingo), so when he has finished his breakfast and is looking around for more it is ‘Fin!’ and then ‘Subi a tu sofa.’ (Spelling may be wrong there but he’s pretty good at understanding our mediocre Spanish, bit like most Spaniards). Otherwise Pippa does not do commands. He obviously thinks we are not worth training. He does glare. Invariably a) at breakfast time when it is not arriving fast enough, and b) when I’m on his sofa.

    Damn. I could have made a blog post out of all that drivel.

    • Alas, Lulu only speaks Mandarin, English and I suspect a little Tagalog and the odd Cantonese word. She is not however fluent in the local lingo. You have to remember her Taiwanese heritage. As she is a Pom I thought maybe she should learn German and Polish but she shows no inclination. Husky might tempt her though. Is that husky as in Marlene Dietrich? I hope Pippadog has a fur-recovery as Lulu has done otherwise maybe try the Graham Gooch clinic for a transplant.

      • I have no idea of Lulu’s heritage. But English, Mandarins (mmm tasty) and Tagalog is impressive. Perhaps I should add llanito to Pippa’s linguistic skills? It could be as n Marlene as the other half of him is GSD, so that would fit nicely yes?

        Pippa does not need any more fur. He is the furriest dog in el mundo and just moults endlessly in summer. Well all year really, just rather more in summer, oh and in winter for some strange reason, coat change I guess. That’s what comes of having a husky cross in Spain/Gib. Perhaps we should migrate to Siberia.

  2. Oh Lulu, the truth is out, you poor, poor dog! I did enjoy reading this Lulu (though gutted that you didn’t mention me, Nothing to read? Good heavens!) and I seriously think that you should consider setting up your own blog on Woof Press. You could talk about things like hair loss, being starved, having to go on a diet, trips to the hairdressers or whinge about ‘him’ and ‘her’ etc. Maybe you could call it something like “I’ve got a bone to pick with you” you could write about anything you want really. I have a feeling it will go down as well as those tasty organic Australian biscuits that you are so fond of 😉

    • Lulu is fundamentally a lazy hound, Lottie. She would never keep a blog going. She likes the title though and will chew on it overnight. Woof press? Groan.

      Strangely she did think of you but she finds her paws struggle with the keyboard so she couldn’t go through the whole list. I think you might have got a mention in your blog were more dog-focussed. Yvonne just happened to be top of the list. Lulu is intrigued to see if Diva does much dog-blog stuff. And just for the record, Lulu is not starved. She simply has a sylph-like figure. So there.

      • Woof Press? yes I know it’s ghastly that’s exactly why I thought of it. Here’s another horror ‘Paws for thought’ – the thinking dogs blog or (this is for the non- pedigree but still fashion conscious K9’s out there) ‘Mutts dressed as Lamb’. Last but not least is a two fold dog blog “Hair of the Dog’ this doubles as a site for pooches wishing to know where the best grooming salons are or, as a place for alcoholic dogs to stop by and share a few tips on hangover remedies. I’m sure Lulu is naturally svelte……….;)

      • All excellent names. Maybe Tails of the Unexpected? A load of old British Bull-blog? Or for the Vogue readers out there, Doggy Fashion.

      • Don’t want to disappoint either of you, but I think everyone else has been there and done that. But as Lulu isn’t going to get her own blog, I won’t try and think of anything clever (not that I can these days).

      • Have you got insomnia? Stop being clever. No, I’ve not heard of any boners. Or either of the others. I do like the last one. But the blog would have to live up to the title.

        So for example, Lulu would have to detect and chase down cats (if she was Pippa I mean). Detect breakfast. Other dogs in the block. On the street.

        Although I have to say, if you could, I mean Lulu could, write rather more often than poor sad pippadog, I think you have a rather good style and potential for adogblog. A person or dog can never have too many blogs. zzzzzz sleepy time.

  3. This for Lulu. You are very cute. I’m Tank, an English Mastif living with Twiggy a very short but long mix of something. We look after JRs daughter and family.

    I’m on trouble right now. Family came home(after leaving the twig and me alone all evening), to discover the plate glass window in the living room was smashed. Actually just the inside pane.
    Of course, the first words put of their mouths were “Tank, what did you do”.

    Why always assume it was me?

    Anyway, just wanted to say, enjoyed hearing your post. Humans are a very different breed that’s for sure. But you’ve gotta love ’em.

    Tank. Oh, and in case you are concerned, I am fine. I shall think of the incident as the crash of 2013.

    • Gosh, Tank. You are so brave. I hope JR posts a picture so All Downhill (and how aptly named) can show me. Humans are to be tolerated and that’s about it. If I only he’d teach me to drive I would be far more independent. I wonder if I could fly to Canada?

  4. I am late getting around to this dogged discussion but the write up by Lulu is THE BEST. Mr Ha I think you have got an unending imagination and the witty words just don’t ever stop.

    I think a featured article written by Lulu should be in the works for a post now and then. This is so entertaining and I am still smiling. Darn this was good reading.

    So this was a dog’s blog of Lulu’s “ruff” life. I have to metion that sure enough her the ruff around around her neck is looking glorious. One extremely pretty dog even if Mrs Ha is not happy that she is now truning gray about the muzzle.

    Is the return of her favorite treat the cause of Lulu’s fur growing back. If that’s the case then I must say that her treat or is this her dog chow, has amazing ingredients.

  5. Just looook at the Pwecious!!!! Oh my goodness, Lulu is really something. I have to say, I am a fan of big dogs but your Pom is the Cat’s Pyjamas. (Am I allowed to say cat in a dog blog?). Sorry, I take it back. Your Pom is the Dog’s Tuxedo! (That is not original, I borrowed it from some HBO show).

    My Yellow Lab Chaya has all of you beaten for hair loss. Remember, this is Texas and everything is bigger in Texas. That includes the massive hair loss of one Yellow Precious who went swimming with me last week in the river (reluctantly, which will be discussed in a future blog). So much hair was deposited in the water (my secret plan to save the poor Dyson vacuum), that it caused an incident that made swimmers and tubers run off screaming from the impending Werewolf Apocalypse. (Zombie Apocalypse is so over, don’t you think?)

    This is fun. I like it here! I can’t wait to hear further tail-tales about Lulu, Pippa, and come on Yvonne get your caboose in on the Poochfest 2013.

    Andrew – good stuff. You had me at Lulu.

  6. Andrew, I’ve just followed a link from Roughseas to read about Lulu, and found that WordPress had unfollowed you from my reader list. I’ve a lot of catching up to do.
    Lulu, you sound a real cutie and you certainly have your people wrapped around your tiny paws.
    I’m glad your hair is growing back, you need plenty to share around 😉

    • Welcome back Vicky. I was un-followed from a few sites a month or two ago. No idea how. Yes, Lulu is in charge and don’t we know it.

  7. I am going to have to post this comment for Murphy. He detests the computer…but when he saw your divine visage, Lulu, he stopped in his tracks and gave several “Aroo’s”. His tail does not stop wagging and we think he may be off his feed….a bit love struck we fear. We’ve hid the luggage and his Visa…both kinds. 🙂 Maybe he can dog paddle the 8000 miles….Murphy is quite a determined Beagle. ♥♥

    • I think Murphy and Lulu might be well suited but of course she has quite a few attractive suitors now. Now if only Murphy could find his Visa…….. (or AmEx).

  8. ah Lulu, you are the greatest, for Humans are hard to understand at the best of times, and the worst? no hope at all. Glad that your fur is back to normal, nothing worse than feeling under par. and you can face your public again. Confident that your beauty is appreciated. Tell Andrew he’s a lucky so and so to have you deign to live at his abode. ( 😉 ) xPenx

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