If you hear the name Brian, what does it mean to you? It may mean Monty Python. It may be your favourite uncle. For me it will always mean Boing! The Magic Roundabout. Now of course Brian never went ‘boing’ that was Zebedee, who was always telling Florence that it was ‘time for bed’. Dylan was always my favourite – one spaced out rabbit if ever there was one. Ermintrude was rather fun but it was always Brian who had the cheery disposition, the sunny smile and a house that was moved with him. This, I suspect, is Brian.

Brian of Sai Kung

Brian of Sai Kung

Sadly, Brian was not the star of the show. That honour fell to Dougal. Imagine Dougal as a sort of 1960s Lulu. Now Wikipedia says that Dougal was a Skye terrier.  Castor and Pollux. I don’t believe it. He must have had Pomeranian blood in him to look so much like Lulu.  Brian is described by Wikipedia as “unsophisticated but well-meaning” – that will do me. That’s my sort of snail.

I did take a couple of other images today – this Indigo Dropwing (female) sat still for ages whilst I took pictures. I have some close ups but I don’t like them. This is the best of a mediocre bunch. I managed to reduce the glare on the wings by using some home-made diffusers for the twin-headed flash. As far as I know you can’t buy them commercially so Mrs. Ha bought a pair of tiny mittens designed for a baby to wear – soft white cloth with elasticated wrists and they just pull over the flash heads – HK$28 the pair – about US$3.50. A true bargain. Well done Mrs. Ha.Trithemis festiva

Trithemis festiva

And finally, to prove that Lotus time has arrived in Sai Kung, here’s one of the many delightful heads I saw this morning.


Radiant as Lulu. And time for me to radiate off. TTFN. Have a lovely weekend.

32 thoughts on “Brian

  1. Brian the Snail was the first Brian that came to my mind. We must be too much of the same era. Although I have to say that just after half past five was somewhat early for bed, especially at my age and even moreso my parents who were also watching it. I don’t know why we watched it as none of us liked it. Probably because it was after Blue Peter, or Scooby or whatever, and before the news. Or was it after John Craven’s Newsround? I don’t remember.

    My gold star still goes to Captain Pugwash and the rest of the band on the Black Pig.

    Those leaves Brian is nestling into look like money tree leaves. I don’t know the correct name for money tree which is bad of me as I never use common or garden names for plants.

    How on earth can you tell she is a female? Must be hard enough identifying what she is, let alone her sex.

    That lotus looks quite unreal. I nearly posted a flower pic the other day, but I think they need to be used sparingly. Everyone posts average flower pics. Not everyone can post an unreal lotus though. I have resisted the strong temptation to make a crack about its position.

    • I think TMR came on before the 6 o’clock news but I wouldn’t swear to it. Cap’n Pugwash was a class act indeed although I read somewhere that the names people now chuckle about are apocryphal. Surely Roger the Cabin Boy was real enough? I did like TMR and so did my father. Then again he also liked The Pink Panther and Eric & Ernie.

      The plant is I think an epiphyte called Psychotria serpens but again, I am not a botanist so can’t be sure. It is easy to know the dragonfly is a female – I know which family it belongs to and by searching my reference books I can tell this is Indigo Dropwing and this isn’t indigo so I know it is a sub-adult male or a female. In all probability this is the female of the species.

      Does the lotus look too unreal? I have done a little tweaking but not too much.

  2. Ah, I read your wiki link afterwards and indeed it was before the news. Somewhere towards the end of the article was a comment about how they had to go to bed because the news was on next! I’ve read the debates about the Captain Pugwash names, seems to be an awful lot of coincidence there though. Seaman Staines was always the one that got me. If that wasn’t the point why didn’t they call him Jones or Smith?

    I’ll look the planty up, ta for that. Why would an insect be called indigo if it wasn’t? Anyway, the tail part does look indigo-ish.

    It looks unreal to me but I’m not an expert on lotuses. Not too many around in Gib or Spain. Or if there are I don’t see them. But it wasn’t a criticism, just a view. Reminds me of the sort of thing that would have got made into an Athena poster 😀 I might have cropped out the bottom bits of green (leaves?) though. It would still leave the stem in to support the flower rising up, but without the distraction.

  3. Alas, that child’s tale eluded my childhood and, until now, adulthood as well. Seems like fun. So Monty Python it is as to my first thought. And there are no Brian’s among my friends and acquaintance/family to compete. So I am left to merely enjoy the pictures without the connection. Not all that bad a fate.
    Lotuses have taken over a large wetland in the eastern part of the state and I should go there either this weekend or next according to a FB friend. We’ll see if I make the trip. The local pond has been dredged and, I fear, will not produce this season.
    Wow….$28HK is $2.50USD? Does one take out a loan for a Starbucks cuppa? Your diffuser setup sounds ingenious. It certainly did the trick with your dropwing model. I saw your comment to roughseas about the color. It is hard to judge as your flower is ~20,000 miles away so color could be different from ours but it looks lovely….a very pleasing pinkish tone in some very nice light.

    • Sorry should be HK$3.50 – typo. The FX rate is ~7.8. Starbucks is quite expensive here but probably no more so than most of the other rip off coffee chains.

      The lotus was in bright overcast conditions. I actually tweaked the luminescence on the green a bot but not the pink. It was a decent, unmarked bloom so I didn’t have to clean up any blemishes.

  4. The latest for keeping young is to have snails sliding across your face. At what price beauty? Of course beauty is the snail but why the combination with a human. ?
    It seems that many are afraid of getting years behind them. What is the problem?
    Even so, biologically speaking. If something bites you it is most likely to be a female. Why is that?

  5. Wonderful array of colors in this post. I had no idea a snail could be personalized to the point ot having a name. Brian never looked so good. Here those slimy looking things are called slugs. But the lotus is beautiful. I think you tweaked the pink one to perfectiom.

  6. My immediate thought was the kid who lived round the corner from me. We never got on. He supported Rangers, I Celtic and in Glasgow that meant we were poles apart. I like the idea of mittens but does it mean you get funny looks with them stuck on your flash unit

    • Not really Mike. They are so small I don’t think people even notice them. I didn’t really follow Scottish soccer but quietly supported Celtic for their European Cup win in 67, which I watched on our old B&W TV.

  7. Are you sure that is a real flower and not some stellar Origami on your part? It’s beautiful, as is Ms. I. Dropwing. I am not so fortunate in my closeups of winged things, unless I brandish a can of Raid and hold it up threateningly so that they stay still. Raid, the universally recognized insect intimidator. Difficult, then, to wield the mighty Nikon d-5200 with confidence. Very nice work, sir!

    • Why thank you ma’am. RAID is available in HK but generally not part of my photography kit. Mrs Ha has been known to administer a napalm attack on any cockroach that strays in from the jungle – either that or Lulu eats them, Cambodian style. Not origami, I promise.

  8. No Raid? Actually I don’t have any, but you should see my scorpion slaying technique. Very impressive. I would not want to be a cockroach in your country, for fear of wandering into the Ha household and being ended by Lulu or the sudden attack of Ms. Ha. You have fierce warrior women. Namaste.

  9. Now you’ve made me feel old. Magic roundabout came along ( just too late for me to enjoy. It was Muffin the Mule, Sooty and those awful little Flower Pot Men Bill and Ben.

    The lotus is really beatiful. I can see why mystical connections.

    I need to find a guide to dragon flies and similar creatures.

    Superb photos once again.

    • Ah Rod, I missed Muffin but Sooty was still in his prime when I was a child and Watch with Mother and Bill & Ben were probably on their 100th repeat along with The Woodentops. Tales of the Riverbank was my favourite.

  10. Brian will forever in my mind be associated with Monty Python. Andrew, and what did the Romans ever do for us, type of thing. 🙂 My cup of tea (and coffee too!!) Love the Lotus flower, fragile and genteel it looks. I gave a little bow just then for some unknown reason, mayhap at the mention of Lulu too. Hope your weekend has been a good one, mine has been spoiled by my next door neighbour who’s had her boyfriend move in, complete with a ‘wooofing’ great big dog, (woofing all the time) oh me oh my. I wish I could turn my ears off. You would’ve thought we’d have progressed that far up the evolution ladder. selective hearing? 😉 xPenx

  11. Fond memories. I came in at B&B, adored Tales of the Riverbank which my brother and son play on their guitars for me. I haven’t had a tv for 10 years but was a teenager during TMR and some people thought it was a secret cult! My own son enjoyed Tiswas (as did I) and he used to watch the Open University until it came on. He still remembers the maths they did. It all goes into the consciousness.

    • Ah yes, Bill & Ben. Great plots. There was also Rag, Tag and Bobtail but I agree Tales of the Riverbank was best. I did not really watch Tiswas although I do remember it. I would not want to live without a TV. It is my lifeline that allows me to watch rugby. Other than that I watch 30 minutes of news each day and that is it. It becomes less relevant as the internet expands its coverage. I now listen to Test Match Special on the internet too. I feel our generation (maybe I should say my generation!) was built on simpler foundations but perhaps there are modern day equivalents to Watch With Mother. However I see 5 year olds using video cameras / Go-Pros and uploading images on to You Tube. Very scary. The only tubes we had were the valves in the back of the radio and TV and the inner tubes on our bikes. I must join the modern world one day but I’m in no rush.

  12. Fun memories. I came in at B&B, adored Tales of the Riverbank which my brother and son play on their guitars for me. I haven’t had a tv for 10 years but was a teenager during TMR and some people thought it was a secret cult! My own son enjoyed Tiswas and he used to watch the Open University until it came on. He still remembers the maths they did. It all goes into the consciousness.

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