A lesson in failed marketing

Some signs are universal, some are not. The window dresser for this unnamed Hong Kong store may have had victory in mind. For many potential shoppers, however, this may have been a sign that they don’t want your custom. Mrs. Ha and I just walked on by – after taking a record shot of course.

I did later wonder whether a mischievous shop assistant might have done this deliberately. I am sure it would never cross my mind. But who knows….. a case perhaps of girls behaving badly?


17 thoughts on “A lesson in failed marketing

  1. I think it’s some sort of Pro Gay Marriage thing. Look, these two guys are holding hands right? (It’s definitely a he I can see no evidence of breasts) and they are making a clear sign to all those who are not in favour of same-sex marriages to go to hell – just sayin’ 😉

  2. Yes, there is a distinct difference between ‘peace/victory’ and ‘up yours mate’. This of course would be missed by most of the modern generation having come under the influence of the American single finger expression.


  3. This raises interesting issues about symbols and signs. I don’t believe the display model signifies either victory or the ancient British command to go forth and multiply.
    I have seen this kind of hand jesture offered by North American youth, usually with the hand at an angle. I have no idea what it means
    People over here have no idea of how rude the regular two finger salute is when facing the wrong way. I had to explain it to some friends just the other day. Over here they rely almost exclusively on the one finger salute.
    While rude, it just doesn’t have the same impact as the British two fingered variety

    But there are so many symbols used these days as literacy slides ever deeper into memory. But if we don’t know the meaning of the symbol whatever it symbolizes is lost.

    Give me words please. I hate trying to figure out which pair of legs match mine when looking for a handy WC.

    • I used to have a very sober uncle, pillar of the community, church organist etc, who decided to let 2 cars turn in front of him. To let the third driver know that he would allow only 2 to go then he would drive on he gestured the said number with two fingers. Exactly as the shop mannequin is doing. The 3rd driver was livid and shook his fist at Uncle David. Poor chap had no idea why. A friend gently explained later how his hand signal might have been misinterpreted. Uncle D was mortified.

      Words for a WC are fine provided they are in a language I understand. Ideally I like both. Perhaps a sitting or standing figure might be less confusing.

      • or the universal male/female signs circle with cross on top is female – I have heard it said it looks like a hand-mirror. Hey, i’m just reporting what I heard.
        Poor Uncle D.

  4. There is a TV ad here in the UK for a popular bank, it points out how the same hand gestures can mean something totally different, depending on the country they’re used.
    THIS might throw some light on it.

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