Introducing Phil

Phil O’Scopus in fact or more correctly Phylloscopus inornatus.

I was looking for something completely different on an old hard drive yesterday and came across this old image. I wonder what else I should rescue? Its a tough bird to photograph simply because it flits around so much, the little tinker. I must have been lucky that day.



Whilst the Yellow-browed Warbler keeps us in a holding pattern I am mulling over my next substantive post. Next? You ask…….. When was the first one? Well this one is doing a pinball act around my brain at present. And when it finally comes to rest it will be positively wizard. Guaranteed or your money back. 

20 thoughts on “Introducing Phil

  1. Just finished a month of fuzzy photographing of frustrating flitterers – feathers and not. You won’t see many of them on my blog.
    Looking forward to the money-back guaranteed super post.
    I love your photographs thanks for rescuing this one.

  2. Hi Andrew – this is beautiful in its detail and you can see he is ready to be away again. The substantive post – that’s good – I’ll look out for it.

  3. It’s summer. No need for substantial summer screeds. I discovered today that I have either totally misfiled my draft post written last week or not saved it at all, so I am well racked off and am in fact feeling totally insubstantial. Or without inspiration, or mojo. Even vacuuming the sofa to get rid of Pippa’s dogfur is more appealing than writing a blog post and forgetting what I have done with it. I even a pedestrian – ok it was flying – really interesting seagull shot. There isn’t much to do when you are stuck in a queue for three hours apart from take photos.

    This is a pretty little thing. Are you sure it’s called Phil and not Tommy?

  4. A really good shot of a bird that flits about which can cause a photographer to give up on getting a photo. In the past when I had a decent long 400mm lens I did not pursue chasing down a “flitter-abouter”. Generally it is lots of work so I especially admire you for being able to get an excellent capture of little Phil.

  5. Terrific photo of a cool bird.
    Nice to find a keeper in the archives. Usually when I cruise back a few years I mostly end up wondering why did I keep *those* photos?!? 😕

  6. Great image of this dapper fellow, Andrew. Isn’t it amazing what we find as having been forgot. Not to mention the images that were so frustrating years ago but now more easily massaged into wonder.

    • Steve, the biggest difference to me is the latest NR tools. Images I shrugged off because they were too noisy can no produce a reasonable file. But bad comp and bad light can’t be changed. I often look at old photos and think “why did I bother to take that?”

  7. Ooooh, I like your Phil picture a lot but what I’m most excited about is seeing the word WIZARD. I love that word, it’s such a blast from the past, my mother used to use it a lot. I’m going to see if I can slot it in to one of my posts sometime soon, I think it needs re-instating into our vocabulary. I hope you won’t mind my copying you?

    • Lottie, perhaps we should start a campaign to bring back words like ‘wizard’. Could you do a blog post on it and provide a list of words to resurrect?

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