It’s the light, stupid.

A Sunday quick trio.

The early evening light was divine and I could not resist putting the camera out on the sun terrace. I had seen 3 male Scarlet Minivets fly past and the Long-tailed Shrike was lurking but none came close. But in true Panglossian fashion I remained the eternal optimist and in this the best of all possible lights, not even yours truly could screw up when these garden stalwarts turned up. Ain’t they sweet? Other than crop to square and convert to jpeg not a single slider moved by way of PP.

Red-whiskered Bulbul

Red-whiskered Bulbul

Magpie Robin

Magpie Robin

Chinese Bulbul

Chinese Bulbul


14 thoughts on “It’s the light, stupid.

  1. What a wonderful way to end a day. The backgrounds complement the birds in the best of all possible ways. Definitely an evening for optimism.

  2. All three excellent shots, but I suppose I like the top one best……I suppose it’s the nostalgic feeling of the circa 1982 punk feather-do. Very nice captures! 🙂

  3. These are probably the best that you have done for the simple reason none of these needed editing other than to crop. The right light produced superb color and I am quite envious of your photographic abilities. I will be putting these in my favorites in Flickr.

  4. Doesn’t it poke you right where it hurts that you get up at 3:45 in the am in the dark to travel miles away and shoot blanks yet wander through the patio door and hit a few winners like these. Why do we do it? Just stay at home and let the birds etc come to you. Now if only Trillium could walk. 🙂

    • I don’t mind, Steve. I enjoy the outings for the fresh air and company. But I know I am fortunate in HK to get shots like this from the house.

  5. These are fabulous, Andrew. I really love the bulbuls with their tufty hair-dos. I’ve seen quite a few fancy birds in Spain but not of the feathered variety! 😉

  6. I ABSOLUTELY adore bulbuls – they are so funny and so beautiful! I only know the ones from Africa but the ones you have over there are really adorable. Hmmmm, vielleicht doch mal nach HKG reisen…?

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