Sun arise, she bring in the morning

Well at 6am sharp Messrs AH and JH were on parade. We looked everywhere but couldn’t find Rolf Harris. It was a shame because he would have provided the perfect accompaniment to the spectacle that we hadn’t come to see. We were after birds but stopped to admire the sunrise. These were shot with my toy camera, the SX50 HS. Click for large versions if you care.



Sunrise Sunrise2 Sunrise3

The light at the boardwalk hides was superb but the birds were on the fringe of shooting distance for my 400mm F4 lens and I wanted to try some flight shots so left the converter off. For the avoidance of doubt the idea is that the birds do the flying, not me. Well here I have to rely on John H to post something worthwhile as my shots are all a bit blurgh. Ok lah, but not worth posting.

There were a few extras in the cast and best supporting roles go to: Spider Woman

MPNR-Spider-boardwalk-HKWLNThis species (we don’t know what it is) builds a web tent in the mangroves – not especially accessible – and had a few smaller spider hangers on – possibly males (think George & Mildred or Sid James and Peggy Mount) and a cocoon of food or possibly eggs hanging down in the tent. It’s a nice looking beastie.

Bridget the Midget – undoubtedly (in my mind) the worst quality shot I’ve blogged yet but I was quite chuffed to see this as it was a damselfly tick for me. Its real name is not Bridget but Mortonagrion hirosei, Four-spot Midget. It loafs around close to water level and today I was not going to try to set up my macro lens so this is another superzoom shot and I have tried to compensate in PS for the dreadful light – the damselfly was half in shade and half in bright sun. It is also not sharp. Never mind.

Four-spot-midgetThree more odes to finish off:

Green-Skimmer Ischnura-senegalensis Variegated-FluttererAnd that’s it for today. I need a rest. Until next time…..





14 thoughts on “Sun arise, she bring in the morning

  1. That is a beauty of a spider, Andrew. Congratulations on your Mortonagrion hirosei sighting.
    The winner for the day, IMO, is the first of the toy camera shots. Just goes to prove a good image comes from whatever tool a good photographer chooses to uses. 🙂 Gird thy loins and get back out there tomorrow.

  2. That’s because Rolf Harris is under arrest again… Great photos Andrew, everyone a cracker. Bottom three are fantastic.. I should qualify that. I like them all but the bottom three stand ou.

  3. A wonderful serene sunrise with the lake/river, a simple but very beautiful mood.
    The spider… after the Bulbuls were a clear pro for HKG, this one is a contra 😉 =D

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