Great! Egrets at 7 o’clock

The Lancasters of the Mudflats………. no bandits these guys, heavy duty egrets, flying their own furrow.

A couple of shots that finally made the cut from the 6th of August.

Great Egret head on GreatEgretWM


When you sit in the hide and all you have is a 400mm lens you need the birds to be within spitting distance to be big in the frame. These 2 obliged. I played with a Night Heron and a Little Egret (they can’t touch you for it) but when cropped they simply look soft. I am contemplating trying again tomorrow with an even lighter lens. I just checked the difference between my two 400mm lenses – the F5.6 weighs almost 2.5lb less than the F4 and in the heat that makes a considerable difference. What’s one stop between friends.

I shall report back if I make it out there, chaps.



18 thoughts on “Great! Egrets at 7 o’clock

  1. Both very nice, Andrew. Maybe you should get yourself an apprentice to carry around the big artillery for you. But the 400 served you well here. Do you have bird apps that you can use to call in some for a closer shot?

    • I don’t think tape lures would work on mudflats, Steve and anywhere they should be used in moderation. An apprentice? Well if she were bigger I could saddle up my Pack-Pom but Lulu weighs less than the lens so that idea is no good. I suspect an apprentice would want to a) learn something and b) be paid. Disappointment looms on both scores, I’m afraid.

  2. These are both very nice captures, but number two is number one for me. I like the water marks too. Maybe you could put a book together Biggles Big Book of Birds

  3. Ms Chapess here thinks they both have plusses and minuses. Don’t most things in life?

    So what’s with the copyright introduction then? Not that I disagree, I think everyone should do it out of principle, regardless of quality of pix (I refer to mine not yours).

    Copyright is one of my things. I have a lot of things in case you haven’t noticed. I would soften it off though. You might want to change the colour/tint/shade depending on the photo, and the position. It can be distracting sometimes.

    Not that is serves for anything if someone is determined to nick a pic, but still, I think it is correct to do it.

    One of my favourites is this one by Vicky, so subtle but right across the images:

    And on copyright, well you must have known I would have written about it. About the only thing I haven’t written about is birds.

    • Copyright is something that historically has been embedded in the files (EXIF) but not visible. However even though I may not rate my photography terribly highly it is clear that the number of image thefts is rising. They can still crop the copyright out but why make it easier. I do need to change the current version but that was my first template attempt. I have a few more now with different opacity levels etc. Thanks for the link – I’ll read later. Have to rush now – work involved, believe it or not. TTFN

  4. The second image is very nice. Darker blue background is what sets it apart. Getting a decent image with a 400mm with the bird on the fly can be hard work. Individuals that have not done bird or wildlife photography don’t realize how much work is involved. It used to make me very tired.

    The copyright is a good thing and I like the dark lettering. I’d move the name higher though. If you are going to imbed copyright I’ve read that one should make it more difficult to remove if someone wants to heist the picture.

    • Thank Yvonne. It is true that people underestimate the difficulty of getting flight shots with a 400mm. The bird needs to be close and to get decent tracking there needs to be good contrast. The first shot was closer but the light probably too soft. The second is much better, I agree. I will continue to experiment with the copyright mark.

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