The spirit was willing ……….

Like Barkis, I suppose, but in this case the flesh was weak. Five a.m. passed and then seven a.m. and still I felt the body did not want to venture far. Eventually I decided I would go no further than the small coastal stretch near Cheung Muk Tau. I was surprised to see four Grey-tailed Tattlers on the rocks and a single Common Sandpiper. My main preoccupation however was to avoid the “dog mines” that had been deposited all over the place. Owners really ought to look after the area but they simply can’t be bothered I suppose. The dogs know no better.

And then something caught my eye. A moth! Resting up in broad daylight. Not even remotely well camouflaged. It was not a species I recognised so I thought I would take some photos. It was not in a great place for the tripod so I took some handheld shots with the toy camera first as bankers. When I was sure it wasn’t going to fly I set the tripod up and switched to the DSLR. This is the result.

Spodoptera picta

Spodoptera picta

Isn’t it a nobby one? Spodoptera picta was also easy to find in Dr. Roger Kendrick’s thesis so identity was quickly resolved. One recent record it said. That was a while ago and I found one record from May of this year. Definitely scarce though and it if it can’t hide itself any better than that I imagine it is easy prey. In Australia it seems to be known as the Lily caterpillar moth and it can be a pest in larval form.

I saw a few dragonflies but none that would make nice photographs. So I ended up with only one other image to keep. This is, I think, Canavalia [rosea] maritima. It appears to be psychoactive if you smoke it. I did not try.

Canavalia maritima

Canavalia maritima

It is a mangrove species. I have it on good authority that a former England rugby union captain, who may or may not have been named after a beer with a black label, was known in rugger circles as “Mangrove”, because of what was affectionately referred to as his indiscriminate rooting system. I think this is an Australian term. Such a rich language. I found the plant rather beautiful without needing to inhale and you can see that a couple of ants felt likewise.

So two nice images is a good enough return on 2 hours invested. It just goes to prove that sometimes it is good to be willing but weak.


14 thoughts on “The spirit was willing ……….

  1. Shame on you for not smoking the plant, I’m sure that it would have done you a power of good! 😉
    It’s a beautiful photograph and the colours are pretty funky too. I love the intrepid ant in the middle steadily making it’s way up to the stamen – a trip indeed.

    As for the moth, it’s a beauty. What an exquisite pattern it has on it’s wings. And lastly, I LOVE the reference to our Will – I had a right old PMP over that! 🙂

    • Thanks Lottie. I’m not sure how many people understood the reference to Will. It was a Nick Farr-Jones comment at a rugby dinner. Will was on stage and the rather raucous diners, of whom I was one, were invited to ask questions. First question at the back, yes, you sir…. what is your question? Fairly drunken diner: Well Will, did you shag her?
      Next question please.

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