Rainy Days and Tuesdays………

Well its not quite what the Carpenters warbled but its certainly like this today in Sai Kung. And I am definitely not feeling on top of the world either. Dreadful night, barely two hours of sleep and then feeling very feak and weeble this morning. Mrs. Ha has gone off to meet the girls. Lulu is dozing in her basket and there’s a kind of hush all over the house. I am staring at the rain, which is forecast to last all week and its only just begun. Β I think I need jambalaya for lunch to boost my energy levels. And to think only yesterday the sun was shining and England won The Ashes. Perhaps I’ll feel better and it’ll be yesterday once more. That’s it. I’m out of carpenters now.

DownpourOh I do have something to look forward to. I have ordered a new Gingold for my collection. This time next week it should be hanging in the house. You can never have too much of a good Trillium. Get’em while their hot……



14 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Tuesdays………

  1. wonderful rain! I really would like to jump into your image and walk in nice rain. Though it might be more a steam bath in HKG, right? πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh the Carpenters! That brings back happy memories of being a teenager and spending afternoons listening to their albums after school with my best friend, trying out new hairstyles and talking about boys that we fancied.

    Exciting news about your Gingold purchase Hooray! an excellent choice the Trillium. On the subject of photographs, I really like todays ‘pic de jour’ – I like the way you’ve captured the rain bouncing off the street, I swear that I can hear it. It reminds me very much of the downpours that we get here in Jakarta.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling feak and weeble. I’m feeling rather the same myself. I slept 5 nights last week on a floor, and then having to down grade to cattle class for an 17 hours flight back to Jakarta on Sunday was the last biscuit frankly. Today I can hardly move! hah! this age thingy is catching up with me fast. Time for a horlicks and bed πŸ˜‰

  3. “there’s a kind of hush all over the house” I like that. πŸ™‚
    Sorry to hear about the bad night and no sleep, it would ruin my day for sure I know.
    Sunny and 90F here today but some rain is coming which is Ok with me plus it make the alligators happy.
    Very cool B&W rainy street scene though.

  4. Sorry to hear you are peeling foorly. I once knew a man called Gerry Fullerton, I always called him furry gelitin. No one seemed to get it. Life can be hard.

    Hope you are up and at ’em again soon. Nice rain shot. Congratulations on the new aquisition.

    I tried your challenge. Have to find. Wifi spot to upload the meager results πŸ™‚

    • I suppose your flock understands all about God bless our queer old dean?

      Can’t wait to see the hummer shots πŸ˜€. Yes, the Gingold will look very fine on the wall. I think it will replace the running hares.

      • Well it’s good to raise our glasses and toast the dear Queen… I don’t think I shared that with the flock.
        Tried a wifi spot today but after half an hour the photos still had not uploaded.
        Will try another place tomorrow

  5. Feak and weeble made me think of Bubble and Squeak for some reason. πŸ™‚ Never much of a Carpenters fan either…well, not the musical kind, the others I do like quite a bit…..just like the image. πŸ™‚ Hopefully, your forecasters are as outstanding as ours and the rain will not be constant.

  6. I never liked the Carpenters. And I’m too old (feak and weeble) to start now. Wouldn’t mind some of your rain though. I like rain (so why am I living where I do? ….) Warm rain is particularly nice. Cold windy rain less so. You can feel the rain on your pic, great atmosphere.

    • We now have enough rain to export to Gibraltar – its official. But I read somewhere that the Spanish government is banning the import through its airspace because of an artificial reef. So maybe I can’t help after all.

  7. Gorgeous photo Andrew, reminds me of monsoon rains in South East Asia. I hope the jambalaya helps, feel better soon! At least the house is quiet πŸ™‚

  8. I like feak and weeble. Has a nice ring. πŸ™‚ Actually doesn’t make one sounds so “out of it” for lack of more precise wording, I think. Rainy days can be depressing and put one in the pits. I like the monochrome of the stores with one guy looking out at the rain. Looks like a a dismal scene but the photo is a nice one.

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