After the rain – garden visitors

In between the downpours the garden has a few visitors. In the last 24 hours I have taken these 3 images – all handheld and a bit shaky. Still worth sharing as 2 are insects in flight or hovering and I know Rod does like a bit of flight photography.

Papilio paris - Paris Peacock

Papilio paris – Paris Peacock


Papilio memnon - Great Mormon

Papilio memnon – Great Mormon

Cosmoscarta heros - Common Froghopper

Cosmoscarta heros – Common Froghopper



17 thoughts on “After the rain – garden visitors

  1. I have to say…WOWEE! Those are some gorgeous butterflies, Andrew. Neat little hopper, too.
    The competition is quite enjoyable to witness…but no winners allowed. Just both producing great photographs. 🙂

  2. The Paris Peacock and the Great Mormon are sooooo beautiful. Pretty names for some real beauties. Even though you wrote that these are hand helf images, I have to say that these are excellent. Photos do not always have to be tack sharp. Love these butterflies.

    Competion? What competion? I haven’t noticed by any of the comments- yet but then I am joking. I like this on going banter. It all just makes your blog so much more fun.

  3. The butterflies are stunning. Are they quite large Andrew? We have some whoopers here in Indo but I’ve not seen anything as lovely as yours here. It might help if there was some greenery around and I lived out in the sticks. I bet there are some beauts out there somewhere.

  4. Stunning and absolutely beautiful butterflies!!! The Paris peacock (what a name 😉 ) looks gorgeous. Sooo, we are back on the PRO side for HKG 😉

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