The Egret’s Story

Yesterday I posted my splashing egret image and did not really think much more about it. I also posted it to Flickr. Well as of now it has been viewed over 21,000 times, has generated 49 comments and been favourited 250 times. It reached number 3 on Explore. (Update 30th September – views have risen to 54,800)

You may remember my Lotus photo also had similar treatment but even today it is barely reaching 5,000 views.

The more I try to understand what makes a popular (not necessarily good) photograph the less I succeed. It is a complete mystery to me and that makes the whole idea of trying to turn images into money a route I shall never pursue. (Never say never?).

If anybody can tell me why the egret image is so popular I shall be much obliged!! Sadly Flickr does not pay per view. If only…….

Egret strike2 K25

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 13.52.39

Lotus Dawn

LotusTaken at Long Valley this morning just after dawn.

Mai Po was very bird poor today but I did catch one egret having a splash.Egret strike2 K25I hope migration starts in earnest soon or I shall lose interest! Someone saw a Bull-headed Shrike and I managed 2 sightings of a Yellow Bittern. We threw in the towel about 10.30am after 4 hours of waiting in vain.