Cue the violins

Well I dragged myself out of the house this morning in desperate need of fresh air. The sore throat has eased a little but now the blocked sinuses and runny nose have kicked in with just a trace of a cough. The best I could manage was a walk up the hill with the toy camera. For good measure it was drizzling. The light was dull and really I was probably wasting my time but the violent twitches of PWS (Photography Withdrawal Symptoms) were shaking my weary limbs. These are the best of a bad bunch. Let’s start with 2 views towards / over Sai Kung from the hill. As you can see, colour or B&W, it is still a dull day.

Sai Kung view

Sai KungThere were plenty of plants in flower today. Adenosma glutinosum PlantAnd one moth, Micronia aculeata, was caught pretending to be bird poo.Micronia aculeataFinally, if someone says to you ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, agree with them, smile knowingly and reply ‘but shoes do’. Have you never heard of shoe trees?Boots-2




14 thoughts on “Cue the violins

  1. Bad news about the lingering illness, Andrew. Maybe another day’s rest and some tea will do it.

    You had similar light to ours over the weekend. Just a few moments of something workable. The moth is beautiful and the shoe tree a lark.

    Feel better soon.

  2. Do take care of yourself, Andew. The little flowers are very pretty. Looking at the photo of the valley and beyond, I think those are mountains in the distance. They seem to be more than hills. The photos give a nice perspective of the area.

    • We have no real mountains as such, Yvonne. Our highest peak is 957m I think. But HK has plenty of excellent hiking trails with steep climbs. They feel much bigger when you are walking up. I’m feeling very groggy tonight. Temperature is up and down. Rest time tomorrow I think.

  3. Shoe trees. We have electricity wires growing shoes. Amazing how quickly they appear, almost overnight. Hope you get over your flu. Honey in warm milk is the answer, you know that? I agree that the BW is outstanding in atmosphere with the clouds looking ominous.

  4. Just love the shots. The first two, esp, are stunning. Incidentally, I have a sinus mineral tea recipe on my other blog if you’d like to keep it in mind for the future. I’ve been having such an amazing time on my Journey that I can’t build the Table as I’d hoped. It’s just a reference for those who’re interested.

  5. Well a shoe tree, are you sure this is not the tree from the Far Away Tree Stories and old Moon Face’s shoes haven’t slipped from his feet.

    I hear (or read) your still under the weather and have seen that Lulu is blogging for you in absentia. I hope you get well soon and PWS isn’t too bad.

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