Poo-trayt of the artist as a young dog

PooTray-2He’s sick. So he’s bunking off blogging. Leaves me to pick up the pieces. So here I am again, Princess Lulu at your service. I thought I’d show you some of my early modelling photos. I have quite a portfolio, you know. I’m not totally happy with the pose above. This was one of my earlier modelling sessions and I’m not convinced Kate Mess started by sitting on a poo tray.Lulu lying on the floorThis was slightly later when I had my second toy. I have a blue one now as apparently I chewed this one to bits. My first toy was an ice cream cone and I still have it. I sometimes look at it with fond memories and think about how far I’ve come since those distant days of 2009.

His Lordship has been thinking of doing a blog post but frankly can’t make up his mind. There are several candidates in the offing but he hasn’t got the energy anyway. Wimp. One, it seems, is a comparison of me and the Queen. That’s the Queen of England. Brenda the II. It struck him over breakfast that I must be related to her because I have two birthdays, just like Brenda. She has one for her birth date and another one that they just make up. They don’t know my actual birthdate but it was probably around the end of February 2009. So I have one then and another one on the day I adopted them. That seems fair to me. I can’t think what else we have in common except a title. At least I don’t have a pack of weirdo offspring to worry about.

He has another blog post in his mind about President O’Drama and the online poker-playing dude. I think he is backing off that though. Too political. Then there is one called ‘No fear of oblivion’, inspired by an interview he heard on the BBC World Service. Clive James was the subject. Made his lordship think, that one. It will probably never see the light of day. Then he was sitting at the gate at Changi last weekend (the airport, not the prison), looking at all the other people waiting to board the flight. Suddenly he started wondering who they all were and why they wanted to go to Hong Kong too. Could be interesting but probably not the way he would write it – stuffed full of bug photos I expect. And of course there’s a fair chance one of the those morons fellow travellers gave him the bug that has struck him so low. There are more ideas sadly but the good news is that he is close t0 his 500th post and I told him last week that he had to retire at 500. That means I don’t have to write these guest pieces and I’m sure we’ll all be grateful for that.

So there we are. Just a quick post to let you know all is under control at Schloß Lulu and normal service will be resumed as soon as he is normal. It could be a long wait.


9 thoughts on “Poo-trayt of the artist as a young dog

  1. Well Princess Lulu. it’s been an absolute delight seeing you back here. You really are quite a looker. Have you ever considered modelling as a full-time job? I’ve heard you get paid handsomely with ice-cream and organic biscuits. You should do these posts more often, not only are you absolutely gorgeous, but you are very entertaining, it’s rare to find dogs with such a great sense of humour. You are a lucky girl, Lulu.
    Regarding His Lordship, this fancy foreign bug he caught, it’s nothing horrible that you can catch is it? I do hope not. I’d stay well clear of him if I were you – just in case.
    Oh and one last thing, when you next trot by him, en-route to the organic biscuit barrel, could you please ask him if he might consider writing the posts that you mentioned above. I think they will make for very entertaining reading. Bye for now, Lottie 😀

  2. So it sounds as if his Lordship is sick as a dog….and, then, how sick is a dog? Curious minds want to know and who better to ask? Maybe there should be a new blog “Ask Lulu”

  3. As a relatively new follower of his Lordship I fear I have missed out on previous posts you may have written Lulu, and must say I am truly sorry as I can see that you have a certain style that I know I would find endearing if not downright amusing. While hoping he is not laid up for too long, I trust you will be taking the helm should his recovery be longer than first thought.

  4. Oh dear, Lulu. Your Lordship or should that be His Lordship or maybe Lordsick? Anyhow, bow wow to you on this very hot Central Texas afternoon at 2:23pm. LuLu you are quite a looker in your younger days but then you still are a beautiful model.

    Now that you have tickled my funny bone and not my “Milk Bone” biscuit I continue to laugh at your fine portrayal of your Lordship. Such a fine master is he and I think that it best that you ask if he is sicker than a “junk-yard dog.” You see over here in crazy Texas we say sicker than a junk yard dog and if he’s that sick then its time that you staged an intervention.

    Oh yes. Do tell His Lordship that I would like to see some of the post ideas put down in his blog for the rest of his enablers, uhh I mean, followers to enjoy. Tell him that all the titles will make outstanding posts. And the “O’Jama” one of the US is not too political. It would be downright funny.

  5. Dogone funny! Very pretty pictures. You do sound more like a princess than a queen. I hope his LS doesn’t become too normal – that would be a great pity

  6. Lovely Lulu. Is she political and has she got oratory skills? If so, could we just have a lend of her and expose the new Australian Government? I can tell she is left leaning as shown in the poo-box and holding her toy on the left as well. Just a brilliant talent. Just brilliant!

    • I think Lulu would have voted for Rudders as they have similar hair styles. I saw The Mad Monk being interviewed on TV last night – what have you done, Australia? He could hardly speak coherently, he’s anti-environment and he’s against the downtrodden. My guess is he won’t last full term. Would Lulu stand? Well it depends on what is on offer. How many dog biscuits does a PM earn?

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