20 thoughts on “Let us prey

  1. Prey tell me, do you have many of these fine critters in HK? I’ve only ever seen one once in Bali. It was very large and very loud. A bit like myself in fact, though I’m not quite such a lurid green.

  2. Is it true that the female after mating with the male eats him? You would have to be keen on a mating. If I was a male praying mantis I would do a quicky and hop away before the end of Mass and communion and do a Coitus Interruptus. I mean, if your know you gonna get eaten.
    Lovely shot.
    What does the female do with the wings after having eaten the body?
    Perhaps some of you (females) think there is justice after all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. This is super, Andrew. Is that a natural marking on the wing. I don’t get to see many for some reason although they are found around here….just not by me, sadly.

  4. Performance should never be judged. Shame on those few Mrs Mantis with the late husbands
    Certainly something to chew over
    Great shot Andrew. We got close up to a beaver, but to dark to get a photo without the tripod, and I didn’t want to blind him with the flash.

    • I agree, Rod. Flash and beavers probably don’t mix.
      I think it gives a whole new meaning to the expression ‘don’t bite my head off’. Give me a beaver any day.

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