Back to the fray

I have been out and about again yesterday and today. Here are some frames from the fun in the field. I hope you enjoy them.

Common Bluetail 2 Mosses etc Teneral Common Bluetail

Fungi Lichen art Rana guentheri TheLeaf Yellow-2


17 thoughts on “Back to the fray

  1. A nice lot every one of them. Well, number 5 looks much like a bruise I once had but it does appear like a fine day’s worth of gleanings. As you might imagine I adore your frog and the fungus and orange leaf are on my ever-growing list of Hardacre favorites. I am also quite fond of the moss and tendril composition.

  2. The colourful lichen on the tree almost looks like a tattoo. I can’t get over the colour on the first one of the damsel fly? that blue is electric! You live in a beautiful part of the world, Andrew and it’s such a treat to see your pictures. Thank you 😀

  3. Andrew, these are excellent. Don’t know why these look different- pictures seem larger. These are just marvelous. I especiallly like the frog, the leaf, the odd arrangement of the fungus on the tree.

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