Lotus Dawn

LotusTaken at Long Valley this morning just after dawn.

Mai Po was very bird poor today but I did catch one egret having a splash.Egret strike2 K25I hope migration starts in earnest soon or I shall lose interest! Someone saw a Bull-headed Shrike and I managed 2 sightings of a Yellow Bittern. We threw in the towel about 10.30am after 4 hours of waiting in vain.


9 thoughts on “Lotus Dawn

  1. glad all is well in lotus land. The lotus reflection would look good on my blog, but I guess that’s not a puddle. Great shot of the egret – how did Lottie know his name was Eddie – maybe its current.
    Trying to catch up on all the posts I have been missing.

  2. I’m still catching up on missed posts. I’ve previously commented on the egret’s magnificient photograph. Plain and simple- it is over the top excellent. The pose and action of the bird is perfect for interest. Some photos have eye appeal and an extra dimension is what gives it a certain “it” or interest factor. Not all photos will have the “it” factor. That is why you keep striving and taking shot after shot of the same subject. 🙂

  3. Love the egret photo – excellent capture and reflexes! Was thinking of you recently during the storm and glad to hear that all is well with you and your family. Happy weekend to you.

  4. Really love the lotus, it has a very painterly, abstract quality to it. The colours are glorious. And Eddie Egret is magnificent. It’s a fantastic photograph, Andrew – you did yourself proud there lad 😀

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