Predator’s Roar

Reposted with hopefully a working link!!

Predator’s Roar 

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Huge thanks to Ebenezer Baldwin Bowles. This was his idea and he has turned my thoughts and images into what is now presented. Great fun to work on and I hope you enjoy exploring CornDancer further.

10 thoughts on “Predator’s Roar

  1. A fine collaboration – wonderful photography, interesting writing and research and beautifully presented – should be available in a print magazine!
    I’ve only seen one shrike – that was in Manitoba, it was a Northern Shrike – but too far away to photograph – but great in the binocs.

  2. Had a quick glance at this with my breakfast – had to go out all day and was itching to get back and have a real good look – which I have just accomplished. Lovely, absolutely wonderful photographs, Andrew, and very interesting, to boot! Great collaboration, great idea. More please.

  3. Fantastico! I really enjoyed this guys, a brilliant collaboration. Your photographs are stunning, Andrew. I love seeing them in a large format, the detail is superb, the colours are vibrant. And, I enjoyed learning about the Shrike, I had no idea that they had such a reputation.

  4. It was a butcher bird that discovered the hole in our wire-netting protecting our chickens. He got one chicken and returned next day for another kill. Helvi was waiting with a rake and chased him out of the gate. He or she, never ventured back.

  5. Andrew this is very special and so enjoyable. Wonderful idea of Mr Bowles for you to do the photos and the writing. I have put this link among my favorites since I want to return to “really read and view” and take my time to soak up what you have presented here. Marvelous presentation.

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