Stonechat chit-chat

My latest collaboration with Ebenezer Baldwin Bowles of CornDancer fame.

I hope you enjoy it.

Black Arts



23 thoughts on “Stonechat chit-chat

  1. What a beauty! The detail is very nice and I really like the subtly changing background, it really complements the colours of the feathers. I’m off to visit corndancer

      • Hi Andrew. I just ran out of space on wordpress media library. Do you optimize your images before uploading them to wordpress. I did take the liberty of copying one of your photos, only to see the file size – I deleted it afterwards. It did seem it was a smaller file-size than the original would have been. I am trying to rationalize between web quality and efficiency of space (I know it can also make it faster for displaying too).
        Any advice on this. Your images are always excellent and I am able to click on them and see great detail.
        If you have time – I’d love to hear your take on this. Rod

      • Rod, the images are exported from Lightroom 4 to create jpegs of max 200kb. The export function sharpens them automatically for the web but sometimes I do it separately then switch off the sharpen box in the export module. How much processing goes on beforehand depends on the image but I shoot in RAW so they usually need a little tweaking but not much. Original files will be 20+mb!!! Let me know if you need more detail.


  2. Quite a fine bit of writing and some superior photographs, Andrew. Possibly the Stonechat’s spell is responsible for your renewed interest in birds.
    BTW, I presently live in the county of Hampshire.

    • Well I never! Another Hampshire indeed. The English Hampshire is spectacularly beautiful and I enjoyed my many years there. Time for you to do another CornDancer piece, Steve.

      • Our Hampshire is nice enough, Andrew. Not spectacular but there are some nice spots.

        The sous chef has done the preparation, and the editorial Maestro is now sauteing the bits into some palatable paragraphs. 🙂

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