A fling with an old flame

I admit it. I always go back. They say you shouldn’t but as Oscar famously said, I can resist anything except temptation. Somewhere in my head I heard the whisper, “Go on, you know you want to……”ย And I know I can pick her up any time.

So my wife and I went into town to do some chores and I smuggled my beloved in the back of the car. Every now and again I just have to play with the M9. And yes, the Noctilux was my first choice lens. So no birds today, just a few images taken as we did our chores. I get far fewer scores with my M9 – all that manual fiddling….. I either miss the moment or the critical focus. I always try to zone focus – F4 or maybe a stop either side and set the distance to about 3m. It is alas a bit hit and hope, especially if I shoot from the hip or the 1-pack that protects my hidden 6-pack. Some are passable and here are today’s survivors.



The Abacus

The Abacus

The Reader

The Reader

A Drama in Three Acts?

A Drama in Three Acts?



12 thoughts on “A fling with an old flame

  1. Does the reader know it’s bad luck to open a calendar to a month before it’s time? What happened to January? I love the clean, minimalist look of The Drama. Glad you had your fling!

  2. I’m so glad you didn’t resist the temptation. Andrew, these are terrific. I enjoy them all, but the “Drama in Three Acts” is outstanding. This is a perfect writing prompt as well as a vivid and fascinating photograph.

  3. Excellent. In film, i sometimes miss the shot because i forgot to wind on after i fired the previous one.

    And, the 1-pack has an entirely different purpose: it is there to protect that precious Leica on a sling from bumping into your steely 6-pack… ๐Ÿ™‚

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