Happiness is cabbage shaped

At least, that was the conclusion I came to after encountering this vegetable vendor in the wet market we visited in Jeju.Wet Market VendorThere will be more coming your way from Jeju soon but here is a true ‘shot from the hip’ image to keep you going until I have recovered my energy. This shot suggests that happiness certainly isn’t pumpkin shaped.IMGL3175Don’t go away……….. there may be more spicy veg along soon.




18 thoughts on “Happiness is cabbage shaped

    • Thank you Steve. I celebrated our anniversary with a business lunch with some fellow directors. I didn’t notice too much romance. We enjoyed Jeju but had compulsory sound pollution from 20-22.00 each evening as the hotel was holding a music festival. Same band, same set, each night. It sounded as if our room was on the stage. Or do I mean that the stage was in our room? No. They were not good. But we did have a very good classical duo to serenade us and that compensated greatly.

  1. Now that is one happy fellow! Looking forward to more great shots when your energy returns. In general I agree with Roughseas about pumpkins – why waste good pie crust on that awful stuff – but I also have had some quite tolerable pumpkin soup.
    Too bad about the noise, they should ban bands in hotels.

    • Ah Rod, it is a lady not a fellow. I am disappointed the pumpkin is not better liked by the bloggers. A hot thick Pumpkin soup is a rib sticking delight. BTW the autocorrect thinks it should be Putin soup. Now there’s an idea.

      • oops my apologies to the lady. I think Putin may well get us all in the soup. Maybe it could be poutine. Or don’t poutine the pumpkin.

  2. The photo of the man laughing is the personification of happiness. And those older ladies look so cold. I hope they sold the pumpkins. Your photos tell me just how blessed I am to have my “way of life.” Great photos and will look forward to more.

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