Jeju two

Looking back through the files there are very few keepers but there are some interesting experimental shots. So for those of you who were waiting all agog for a traditional travelogue I am afraid it is not to be.

However I can offer you a couple more shots from the wet market before we go off piste. In the first shot the lady is trying to explain the 58 different varieties of kimchi she sells. I fell asleep on number 3.

Selling Kimchi In this second shot I thought the lady was texting her chums about all the soju left for sale but apparently it is soy sauce and vinegar. Such a let down. Hic! How many of bottles of soju do I have to sell today?I also narrowly avoided a contretemps with this old lady who I think was about to head butt me until I neatly side-stepped her.Old lady close up“So where is the experimentation?” you cry. Well here is my cup running over for starters… Execution by Mr. Ha, vision by Mrs. HaMy Cup Runneth OverAnd how about a couple of wall shots?WallKorean Wall TilesThat’s enough walls….. (ed.) I don’t really know where or even if we go with Jeju Three. One thing is sure, to make kimchi you have to know your onions.Onions






10 thoughts on “Jeju two

  1. I like the onions, and the soy sauce and vinegar. Two things we can never get enough of in this household. Well, three if you include onions. Brahmin me not. Do, please, do a Jeju 3 (and 4 and 5). I’m sure you can manage it.

  2. Love all the pics. Yes Ms. Has knows what will make a great photo. Loved the people’s expressions. The word “sour puss” comes to mind when seeing the senior lady’s photo. Actually that one is quite interesting. 🙂

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