Jeju 3 – 0 Photographer

A lot of the images I am posting from Jeju are quite out of my comfort zone. It was a family holiday so I was photographing on the hoof, so to speak. No real plan other than a few sites I wanted to explore. Even the rocks are pulling me between colour, black and white and shades in between.

Jusangjeolli Jusangjeolli colour Jusangjeolli detail Rocks sepiaWhen it comes to more obscure ideas it may be a lost cause. Other people do ‘grasses’ and they look cool. Mine look a bit yukky.Grasses Here the idea was to have the orange in the road sign echoed by the autumnal foliage behind.Orange echo And why not try to make a flame out of an aquatic plant?Flame2So if all else fails I can always resort to toilet humour. It took me a while to understand what this sign was about.FishingAnd for getting this far, have a bird as a consolation prize!

BRT3And that is probably the end of Jeju. And possibly me. We shall see…….





21 thoughts on “Jeju 3 – 0 Photographer

  1. Nice set! Columnar basalt – the same the world over, yet always interesting and exotic. The B&W shots of those formations are very nice, and I like the grass images too.

  2. The basalt columns are a fantastic subject – what a gorgeous playground! Reminds me of the ones in Iceland 🙂
    I go for the B&W version for having more atmosphere – it looks much more interesting to me due to the flat light.

  3. The rock formations are beautiful in any color. I l really like sepia tones.The grass pic is excellent with the back lighting. And I believe the bird is a Blue Rock Thrush. i made that one a favorite over on Flickr a few days ago or so? Beautiful bird and magnificient captures in both poses that I have seen thus far. Maybe not the Blue Thrush but unless my eyes deceive me, the IDs appear to be the same. All total, I think you had a great holiday with Ms Hall and produced some fine photography for your followers to gape, gawk, ooh and, awh over. 🙂

  4. Those rocks are fascinating me, I keep looking at them and trying to imagine their size. Just looking at the rocks, they don’t look too big, then looking at the surf and the tide line they look enormous. It’s like an optical illusion.
    The bird is beautiful, what is it?

  5. There’s something fishy about that toilet picture.
    I am fascinated by the rock formations. I haven’t seen ones like that before. I really like the colour combination in the rock close up. The blues of the sea complement the blue-greys of the rocks. Very pleasing.
    You didn’t identify our bird…not a Norwegian Blue? 🙂

  6. I’m alway up for toilet humour as you know, maybe that’s why people call me Potty Lottie? Moving swiflty on from toilets and on to the photographs – It’s a tricky one this and I can see why it was a hard decision as to whether to do b&w or the colour – the rocks look great in both. What amazing formations, it’s almost as though they’ve been sculpted specially by a team of highly skilled stonemasons. Extraordinary, isn’t nature wonderful? I don’t agree about your grasses being ‘yukky’ they look fabulous to me, beautiful tones and light. And as for the bird, nobody does birds better than you, Andrew.

  7. Nice pictures, Andrew. I have seen rocks like that in Northern Ireland, I bet these are in Asia? I find it looks good to mix colours and B&W in a post. PS. Your Like-button is not there..

    • Yes Bente, the rocks are in Korea but as Bob Thompson pointed out we have similar formations in Hong Kong, very close to where I live in fact. (I deactivated the Like button.)

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